12.21.08 -- Laughing All the Way

Sunday, December 21, 2008
LAUGHING ALL THE WAY, Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski, edited by Will Shortz
I happily refer you to The Crossword Blog of The New York Times for Jim Horne’s assessment of today’s delightful crossword in season, including an interview with Elizabeth C. Gorski --
Down the chimney! -- HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO, HO (10D. Greeting from 74-Down); JOLLY ST NICK (74D. December 25 answer to 69-Across?); LOOK WHO’S HERE (69A. Cry when a surprise guest arrives); KRIS KRINGLE (3D. December 25 answer to 69-Across?);
SANTA BABY (17D. Song whose subject is encouraged to “hurry down the chimney tonight”); 84D. Father CHRISTMAS; and HOUSE (131A. Landing spot for 74-Down) are the cheerfully interrelated entries of this Sunday crossword -- Ho, ho, ho, indeed!
Across: 1. Hog lovers; 7. Cheesy snack; 11. Bad sport; 20. Kind of valve in the heart; 21. Potato source; 22. Begin; 23. Like some chocolat; 24. Prefix with -logy; 25. Witnesses giving written testimony; 27. Wrap up by; 29. Round dances; 31. Bother no end; 32. Symbol of strength; 34. Repeat calls?; 36. N.F.L. coach with a perfect 17-0 record in 1972; 38. Like preowned cars; 40. Spin-producing tennis shot; 41. Like Silly Putty; 44. Neat as APIN; 46. Oslo’s land: Abbr.; 47. Wave off: 49. Fulminate (against); 50. Gets ready to go out in the cold; 53. Book in which the destruction of Samaria is foreseen; 54. Gang brawl; 56. Violent behavior, in British slang; 57. It means a lot to Jorge; 59. Oktoberfest souvenir; 61. Candied holiday serving; 62. Former Toyota; 64. Pacific salmon; 66. Invited to one’s penthouse, say; 68. “Hooked on Classics” record company; 73. Stuck, after “in”; 77. Having bristles; 79. View from a beach house; 80. Elizabeth Ann and others; 82. With 83-Down, early learning aid; 85. Greases; 87. Egypt’s Mubarak; 89. Like some fireplaces; 90. Warm blanket material; 92. Virile; 94. Answered the phone; 97. G.M. or G.E.; 98. Top-Sider, e.g.; 101. 1501, on a monument; 102. TV’s Science Guy and others; 103. Abscond; 105. Sound: Prefix; 106. Memorable parties; 108. Cracks up; 109. Regis Philbin, e.g.; 111. Stretchy; 114. Admit; 116. Bug-B-Gon maker; 117. Beginning; 119. Code-cracking org.; 120. Without delay; 123. Venerable; 125. Georges Braque, for one; 127. Fruitcake flavorings; 128. Wanderers; 129. Throat soother; 130. Boot camp pals; 132. Plumbers’ drain openers.
Down: 1. Banquo in Verdi’s “Macbeth,” e.g.; 2. 2008 documentary about the national debt; 4. U.F.O. fliers; 5. Choir supports; 6. Act opener; 7. Basketry palm; 8. “We’ve got ADATE!”; 9. Rum Tum Tugger, for one; 11. Tabs in the fridge?; 12. Buried treasures; 13. Open indelicately; 14. Maniacal leader?; 15. Schedule of TV programs; 16. Mild chili designation; 18. Singer James; 19. What remains; 28. Apollo’s birthplace; 30. Towers’ attachments; 33. Grape graspers; 35. Includes in an e-mailing; 36. SHA Na Na; 37. Rustic excursions; 39. Bongo, e.g.; 41. Wrap fully; 42 Country singer McCann; 43. K-6 sch. designation; 44. By surprise; 45. Sound of the Northwest; 48. D.D.E. opponent; 51. LOC cit. (footnote abbr); 52. One reaching a goal?; 55. “Burma Looks Ahead” author; 58. Bossy types?; 60. Listener; 63. Mass production figure?; 65. C.I.S. members, once; 67. Whom psychiatrists see; 70. Stick in the water?; 71. Pops; 72. Three French HENS; 75. Anoint with sacred oil, old-style; 76. Early PC interface; 78. QB Manning; 81. Archaic verb ending; 82. Javelins and Hornets, e.g.; See 82-Across; 86. Succeeded at musical chairs; 88. Poet’s foot; 91. Paintbrushes and such; 93. It’s worth 100 smackers; 95. Lays off; 96. Manners of speaking; 99. Cries of pain; 100. U.S.N. rank; 104. A couple of people may work in it; 107. Subject for Galileo; 109. Leaves for a buffet?; 110. Ring figures; 112. Joe Jackson’s “ISSHE Really Going Out With Him?”; 113. Phoebe of “Gremlins”; 114. Neeson of “Rob Roy”; 115. Single-named supermodel; 116. Siouan speaker; 118. It’s closed on Dec. 25; 121. “Let’s call ITA night”; 122. Lawyer: Abbr.; 124. “Aladdin” monkey; 126. Neck wrap.
Merry Christmas!
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