12.04.08 -- Clear

Thursday, December 4, 2008
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz
CLEAR (63A. With 64-Across, words that can precede the starts of 18-, 31-, 38- and 55-Across), THE (64A. See 63-Across), DECK OFFICER (18A. Bridge authority), THROAT LOZENGE (31A. Medicated candy), AIR MAIL LETTER (38A. Comparatively quick communication) and AREA CODE MAP (55A. Verizon reference) are the interrelated entries of this Thursday crossword.
Pairs abound -- AHEAP (4A. Loads) and FEW (19D. Small number) -- BATCAVE (51A. It lies beneath Wayne Manor) and GOTHAM (35D. Setting for the 51-Across) -- CASA (53D. Hombre’s home) and DACHA (47D. Russian country house) -- COMETO (53A. Regain consciousness) and IMBACK (43D. Announcement after being away) -- DUTCH (15A. Like Rembrandt) and IRISH (16A. Magyar : Hungarian :: Gaeilge : ___) -- ELBE (23A. River of Saxony) and VOLGA (24D. One end of the Moscow Canal) -- REMORSE (42D. Factor in sentencing) and SADDEST (1D. Most blue) -- SALUT (9A. French greeting) and SIEG (36A. Victory, Viennese-style) -- LICENSE (11D. Marriage requirement) and USERID (12D. Cyberhandle) -- UPS (61A. DHL rival) and ADDL (4D. Like shipping and handling, typically: Abbr.) -- PHONE (8D. Nokia offering) and OPER (54D. It’s to the left of #) -- SBARRO (44D. Italian restaurant chain) and TAKEOUT (40D. Pizza order, frequently).
AMATEUR (38D. Dabbler) leads off the solo mid-size entries including CRUSH (59A. Infatuation); DEEPLY (20A. With intensity); DIMAG (47A. Joltin’ Joe); EPITAPH (41D. “Everybody loves somebody sometime,“ for Dean Martin”); ILOSE (60A. “You win!”); KOREA (62A. So-called Hermit Kingdom of old); MEDIC (49D. Kit carrier); MISSHAPE (45A. Deform); NETZERO (22A. Yahoo competitor); PELOSI (21D. Hastert’s successor as speaker of the House); SCALLION (27A. Soup or salad ingredient); SIFTS (9D. Examines, as evidence); SQUELCH (2D. Silence); THROBS (13D. Hurts like heck); VIEWS (24A. Typical postcard attractions); WINEBAR (3D. Reception amenity); ZELIG (32D. Hit 1983 pseudo-documentary).
Fragments -- ACK and AQI, AKIM and ARIZ, CASE, DUN, ELL, ENLS, ENYO, HUEY, IMA, INO and IVO, ISM and ITEM, LAIR, MBA, MOE, NIB, NYES, OAR, SDS, SSW, and ETC (6D. Series finale?: Abbr.).
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Xword search information -- Across: 1. Denver-to-Santa Fe dir.; 14. E.P.A. pollution meas.; 17. Dull shade; 26. Penpoint; 30. ’60s leftist grp.; 37. Greek war goddess; 43. Intellectual conclusion?; 46. Many a corp. hire; 50. Actor Tamiroff; 58. Implement with a collar. Down: 5. First of a Disney trio; 7. “Egad!”; 10. Home of Snowflake, which, ironically, gets very little snow: Abbr.; 25. Daughter of Cadmus; 28. Wilderness home; 29. Big-ticket ___; 33. Big pictures: Abbr.; 34. Louis and Carrie; 39. “___ Man,” top 10 hit of 1967; 48. ___ Andric, 1961 Literature Nobelist; 49. Kit carrier; 52. Costco quantity; 56. Right-angled joint; 57. First name in slapstick.

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