12.13.08 -- Trivia

Saturday, December 13, 2008
Puzzle by Frank Long, edited by Will Shortz
TRIVIA BUFFS (22D. Many quiz show fans) should do well with today’s crossword which features five fifteen-letter entries across -- ACCRUED INTEREST (17A. Payback factor); PATRIOT MISSILES (30A. Desert Storm defenses); ELECTRIC SHAVERS (38A. Bathroom buzzers); NATIONAL HOLIDAY (39A. When many people are off); and STATEMENT OF FACT (55A. Verifiable claim), which are joined by three more eleven-letter entries -- EARPIERCING (4D. Shrill) and RADIO SOURCE (52A. Pulsar, e.g.), along with TORPEDO BOAT (19A. What a destroyer might destroy).
Remaining across: 1. Like icing; 8. Alternative to Best Buy or Circuit City; 15. What I may become; 20. Tony’s portrayer on “NYPD Blue”; 21. Bloomingdale’s rival; 26. Letters used to avoid listing; 29. Between green and black, say; 40. Fort Worth’s AMON Carter Museum; 41. Thimblerig thing; 42. Jack; 48. Really tough task; 59. Explosive measure; 60. Tradesman; 61. “No thanks”; 62. Killer of Greedo in a sci-fi film.
The downs: 1. Close to erupting; 2. Crackpots; 3. Biker’s wear; 5. Something to bond with; 6. Floored; 7. Baited; 9. The planets, e.g.; 10. Makeup of some team schedules; 11. Thing to shoot for; 12. UNE Grosse L├ęgume” (Orson Welles novel) ; 13. Certain twin; 14. Production part; 18. Nigerian native; 23. Very upset; 24. Work with choruses; 25. Tough to sort out; 27. Tenor Schipa; 28. Hokey jokes; 30. Like correctional facilities; 31. ALAMO Bowl; 32. Sitting Bull’s tongue; 33. Cancun kinswoman; 34. Year in which Middle English began, by tradition; 35. Book closer?; 36. Search for 37-Downs; 37. See 36-Down; 43. Anna player in “Anna Karenina,” 1935; 44. 1990s president of the Philippines; 45. They’re pristine; 46. German magazine article; 47. Step; 49. Calliope relative; 50. Gradually quickening, in mus.; 51. Fashionably nostalgic; 53. Marsh bird; 54. Blink OFAN eye; 55. Boot attachment; 56. 1961 hit song for the Angels; 57. Each, in scores; 58. Eclipse.
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