08.10.10 — Alchemy

The Alchemist c. 1645 David Teniers


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins, edited by Will Shortz

ALCHEMY (39A. Activity associated with the word ladder formed by 1-, 10-, 70- and 72-Across), TRANSMUTATION (20A. Goal of 39-Across), PSEUDOSCIENCE (57A. 39-Across, for one) and LEAD to LOAD to GOAD to GOLD are the interrelated group of this rich little Tuesday crossword.

Other — ADORNS (53A. Decorates); BOOSTS (24A. Gives a leg up); COME TO PAPA (28D. Dice roller’s exclamation); DOWN PAT (4D. Rehearsed perfectly); DULUTH (6D. Lake Superior port); 33A. HOOTIE & the Blowfish; the immodest and initial-laden stage name denoting Ladies Love Cool James, L L COOL J (10D. Rapper born James Todd Smith), yes and here he is "Doin' It"; OPEN STANCE (11D. Batting position); RATED PG (47D. Like most of the Harry Potter films); SALTY and SOILED (25D. Dirty; 26D. Dirty); TRIERS (25D. Judges and juries); URSINE (51D. Bearlike); WAR CRY (46A. Battlefield shout); WORSTED (44D. Wool variety).

Five-letter — ACTED, ADDUP, ANIME (5D. Manga-like art form), an example: 鋼の錬金術師, EELED, ETHYL alcohol, “HASTA luego“, ILLER, IRENE, NUEVA, PART B, SONIA Braga of Hollywood (here she is doing a little housekeeping), “The World of SUZIE Wong”, TETON, ULTRA, YANNI, ZIP IT (65A “Shut up!”).

Short stuff — AGE, AIM, AMAT, ANG, ASEA, BLU, BMW (36D. Audi alternative), CAB, CEES (19A. Broccoli centers?), COAL,DAS Kapital”, DELT, DIRE, DOOS, ELK, ENTR ‘acte, ESTD, Not IN SO many words, HES, IOU, JAIL, KAY, LIST, LPGA, MOO, NAES, NET, NNE, NOLO, NOPE, OPEL (59D. Audi alternative), PLAT, POET, RANT, SCAN, SLEW and STEW, SUE, TUB, UVEA (8D. Sclera neighbor).

The science of alchymy I like very well, and indeed, 'tis the philosophy of the ancients. I like it not only for the profits it brings in melting metals, in decocting, preparing, extracting and distilling herbs, roots; I like it also for the sake of the allegory and secret signification, which is exceedingly fine, touching the resurrection of the dead at the last day.Martin Luther's Table talk

Finally, for what it‘s worth, I stumbled across this anime Iron Man trailer — it's, uh... pure gold!

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Male ballroom dancer, traditionaly; 5. Total; 10. Laundry unit; 15. ___ Granada (old Spanish colony in the Americas); 16. Org. for Annika Sorenstam; 17. Oyster ___; 18. Cooler, to a hip-hopper; 23. Whitman or Whittier; 27. Swipe at the store; 29. Bucks and rams; 32. Extreme; 35. Part of a jug band; 37. Lockup; 38. Objective; 42. What a swish shot swishes; 43. Ton; 45. Mary ___ of cosmetics; 48. Grand ___ National Park; 50. ___-ray Discs; 52. Glasgow negations; 55. Tirade; 63. Latin lover’s word?; 66. Ski-___ (snowmobiles); 67. “Not a chance”; 68. Ryan of “The Beverly Hillbillies”; 69. Subdivision map; 70. Incite; 71. Sniggled, 72. Olympic prize. DOWN: 1. Tilt; 3. Between ports; 7. Shoulder muscle, briefly; 8. Schera neighbor; 9. Second section; 12. AARP membership concern; 22. Letters from a short person?; 31. Litigate; 34. Lodge member; 40. Trucker’s place; 41. Greek New Age musician; 49. Havana-to-Miami dir.; 56. Wasn’t passive; 58. Ominous; 60. Part of a plea; 61. Mine find; 62. Abbr. on a city limit sign; 63. Oscar-winning director Lee; 64. Jersey greeting?

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