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Morpheus, Phantasos and Iris, by Pierre-Narcisse Guérin, 1811


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Puzzle by John Farmer, edited by Will Shortz

Evasive but amusing clues and fairly familiar answers render this sleepy Saturday crossword less brutal than the usual weekender, but mama’s baby, e.g., BEBE (5D. Madre’s treasure), gave me a FIST BUMP (1A. Pound of flesh?) much too long before FIST PUMP was bumped — eh, what’s in a WORD (43A. Conversation piece?).

Nine-letter — HUNKY DORY (25A. O.K.), MT EVEREST (31D. It’s all downhill from here), PUSSYCATS (10D. Softies), ZEROED OUT (45A. Reduced to nothing).

Eight — AT THE ZOO (15A. 1967 Simon & Garfunkel hit), ENORMOUS (30A. Hard to ignore), ITALIANO (2D. What “Arrivederci!“ is spoken in), MORPHEUS (7D. Man of one’s dreams?), OLD SCORE (59A. Longstanding issue), PARTICLE (34D. Fermion or boson), PESKIEST (61A. Most difficult to manage), RARE BIRD (17A. One in a million), SAD STORY (39A. Weeper), SCRAMJET (56A. Hypersonic plane engine), 3D. “The STRATTON Story,“ Jimmy Stewart baseball movie, TOKYO JOE (35D. 1949 Humphrey Bogart/Sessue Hayakawa movie), TRIMMERS (36D. Lawn care equipment).

Seven — DORITOS (26D. Bowl filler for a bowl game, maybe), ESPIALS (20A. Furtive observations), PODIUMS (8D. Stands above the crowd?), PUT IT TO (34A. Cheated, in slang), RUN RIOT (49A. Go wild), SONATAS (33A. Some concert pieces), SOURSOP (39D. Cousin of a custard apple), TARANTO (24D. Port on Italy’s “heel”).

Six — AL GORE (13D. “Take it from me, elections matter” speaker), ASSIGN (18A. Fix), AZTECS (40D. Some pyramid builders), BESTOW (41D. Award), CO-HOST (58A. One who split’s the bill?), CRECHE (42D. Christmas scene), DENNYS (14D. Chain offering Moons Over My Hammy), ELINOR (12D. One of Austen’s Dashwood sisters), ETCHES (54A. Makes a lasting impression), SPREAD (9A. Difference between winners and losers?), SWEETS (60A. Tootsie), TUILLE (16A. Armor plate protecting the hip and thigh).

Five — ABC TV (40A. “World News Now” airer), CORES (29A. Mining samples), DUSTS (46D. Wipes clean), STALK (9D. Follow too closely).

Short stuff — ANY, DATA, DES, FARO, HOE, ITT, JAR, JUDD, MCI, NED, NON (22A. Only word spoken in Mel Brooks‘s “Silent Movie“), OKIE, Rock-OLA, OMS, ORDS, OYE (37D. Gloria Estefan hit whose title is Spanish for “Listen!”), REMY Martin, RIS, ROAD, STET, SYM, TASK, THE, Lao-TSE, UZIS, WON.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 23. Hirsute sitcom relative; 27. It may be classified; 32A. Shake or rattle, but not roll; 38. “Be More Chill” novelist Vizzini; 44. Kind of accent used by Ado Annie; 47. Like a mirror image: Abbr.; 52. Some temple utterances. DOWN: 1. Baccarat alternative; 4. Dijon drink; 6. “Munich” arms; 11. Ray Bradbury’s “___ for Rocket”; 21. Whichever; 27. North Dakota’s ___ Lacs National Wildlife Refuge; 28. Drag; 32. Filmmaker Apatow; 37. Gloria Estefan hit whose title is Spanish for “Listen!”; 43. Landed; 50. Municipal regs.; 51. Job; 53. Leave without changing; 55. It may leave a noticeable plot hole; 57. Verizon acquisition of 2006.

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