08.16.10 — Just the Facts, Ma’am…


Monday, August 16, 2010

Puzzle by Andrea Carla Michaels and Jennifer Nutt, edited by Will Shortz

TV DETECTIVE (60A What each of the characters named at the ends of 17-, 24-, 38- and 48-Across is), LOOSE CANNON (17A. Unpredictable sort), CASUAL FRIDAY (24A. End-of-the-week office dress policy, maybe), BURN ONE’S BRIDGES (38A. Permanently sever ties) and CAPUCHIN MONK (48A. Franciscan order) are the interrelated group of this antediluvian Monday crossword. Are any of these detective serial programs extant? Except for an episode or two of the Jack Webb Dragnet, two of the detectives I didn’t know existed, and of three, I’ve never seen one! I'm a witless witness!

Other — ASPIRE (28A. Have high hopes), DENIRO (10D. Robert of “Meet the Parents”), DISKETTE (41D. Quaint computer insert), ICE TEA (46D. Drink served with a mint leaf), MUSICIAN (4D. One in a jam?) , NASSER (47A. President of Egypt before Sadat).

Five-letter — AMOUR, ANTSY, AREST, ATTIC, AXIAL, CELLO (48D. Pablo Casals’s instrument), DELHI, ECOLE, EXUDE, GAMMA, IDOLS, LAMBS, MAYAN, MOTET (52D. Sacred choral work), NIECE, NOELS (51D. Christmas carols), PAULA, PINTA, PULSE, RIOTS, SNAFU, SPEED, STOOD, WEEDY.

Short stuff — AFT, ALOP, ALPS, AMBI, AMOS, ARE, ARNO, ASTI, CASE, CAW, DEMO, DIP (Word after skinny or salsa), DISH, DOE, DUD, ECO, EEN, EGOS and EROS, EMU, ESP, FLOR, GALA, ILE, IRAN, LAS, LI’L Abner“, METE, MOOT, NASH (39D. Ogden who wrote “Candy / Is dandy / But liquor / Is quicker“), NOPE (“Ain‘t gonna happen“), OLE, “Alley OOP, OUT, OVID, “And our love become a funeral PYRE“ (lyric from the Doors‘ “Light My Fire“), RITE, SAUL, SECY, SPA, TAN, USSR, VCR.

I found this note along the way: While "Just the facts, ma'am" has come to be known as Dragnet's catchphrase, it was never actually uttered by Joe Friday. The closest lines were, "All we want are the facts, ma'am" and "All we know are the facts, ma'am".


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Letter after beta; 6. Go 80 m.p.h., say; 11. Place to get a mud bath; 14. Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie ___”; 15. Uncle’s special little girl; 16. Sunbathe; 19. No longer chic; 20. Italian wine province; 21. Back of a boat; 22. Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia; 31. Drooping, as a rabbit’s ears; 32. Yucatan Indian; 33. Audition tape; 35. Cousin of an ostrich; 42. Paris’s ___ de la Cite; 43. Austrian peaks; 44. Laugh-a-minute folks; 45. Appetizer, entrée or dessert; 53. Ooze; 55. Greek love god; 64. ___ Vegas; 65. French place of learning; 66. Anne Frank’s hideout; 67. “Go, bullfighter!”; 68. “Give it ___!” (“Quit harping!”); 69. Like an untended garden. DOWN: 1. Grand party; 2. “Famous” cookie guy; 3. No longer worth debating; 5. “What ___ the chances?”; 6. Awful mistake; 7. Ship of Columbus; 8. Early night, to a poet; 9. Environmental prefix; 11. Got up; 12. ___ Abdul, former judge of 22-Across; 13. Having the jitters; 18. 24 cans of beer, e.g.; 25. Pisa’s river; 26. Baby sheep; 27. Bloom: Sp.; 28. Both: Prefix; 29. Author Bellow; 33. Indian metropolis; 34. Telepath’s “gift,” in brief; 35. Divas have sensitive ones; 36. Apportion, with “out”; 37. Lenin’s land, for short; 40. Tehran is its capital; 45. Firecracker that fizzles; 49. Like some symmetry; 50. Throb; 56. Baptism or bar mitzvah; 57. Roman author of “Metamorphoses”; 58. Cabinet head: Abbr.; 61. RCA product; 62. Buck’s mate; 63. Crow’s call.

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