08.12.10 — S.O.S.!

The Sinking of the Titanic — Drawn by Henry Reuterdahl from Wireless Description


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Puzzle by Barry Boone, edited by Will Shortz

SOS (73A. See 38-Across), DIT DIT DIT DAH DAH DAH DIT DIT DIT (38A. 73-Across, in 17-Across), MORSE CODE (17A. See 38-Across) and CARPATHIA (65A. Responder to 38-Across on 4/15/1912) are the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword. The sender of the message infamously descended to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and is nowhere to be found in this crossword puzzle either. Explore the RMS Titanic HERE.

DITs and DAHs in the downs — EDITS (33. Cuts and splices film, e.g.), DITKA (39. Longtime Chicago Bears coach), ADDITIONS (28. New wings), DOO DAH (24. Part of the “De Camptown Races” refrain), IDAHO (35. Snake’s place), DAHLIA (40. Mexico’s national flower), EXPEDITED (22. Rushed), END IT (30. Terminate a relationship) and EDITH (37. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson).

Other — ASIAN / ELEPHANT (9A. Like some 21-Acrosses; 21A. Certain stampeder), ZEROES IN (61A. Focuses [on]), and a dozen seven-letter entries: ABASHES, ATONING, DERIVED, EXOTICA (2D. Strange things), EYE EXAM, INHALER, JAZZ AGE (41D. “The Great Gatsby“ setting), NATTILY, RAMADAS, SAID I DO (47D. Married), TEA ROSE (43D. Flower named for its smell), THREATS.

Six-letter — AMELIA (8D. Joni Mitchell song with the lyric “She was swallowed by the sky”), CHEESY (4D. Rinky-dink), ENERGY (36A. Life), ESPAÑA (53D. Neighbor of Francia), JET SKI (41A. Vacation vehicle), LAICAL (51D. Like some church matters).

Five — Indo-ARYAN, “Give it A SHOTandA TIME to Kill”, AXONS, Caffè CREMA, DIVAS, EMERY (71A. What might do a foul tip?), GASES, HI MOM (15A. Stadium sign), LEEZA, LONER, MODEL, PAS DE deux, SANTA, SASHA, SNARE (58D. Catch), STAIR (59A. Well feature).

Short stuff — ACE and APE and AXE, ALII, AOL, ASAP, AYE, BAH, DLIX, DOI, EDT, EMO, ENL, ESSY, HAST, IDE, NASA, OLE, PAZ, RED (1A. Stop on it), RIC, RYE (66D. Catcher‘s place?), SMA, TAT, YAO, ZEAL (55A. Fire).

SOS or CQD? — read Wordplay.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 4. Caffè go-with; 14. Headbanger’s instrument; 16. Traveler who carries his own bag; 20. “___ to Kill” (Sandra Bullock movie); 23. Agents’ handfuls; 24. Mid sixth-century year; 26. Starting pitcher; 27. Ming on the N.B.A.; 29. Common costume for a costume party; 31. Lab blowup: Abbr.; 32. Top 10 singer born in Nigeria; 34. Question before “And how!”; 44. ___ Christiansen, founder of the Lego company; 45. Verb with “thou”; 49. Reply to Captain Kirk; 50. Quantum Computer Services, today; 52. Chemical suffix; 54. “Phooey!”; 57. Cong. Established it in 1958; 64. Transmission conduits, of a sort; 68. Rightmost column in the periodic table; 70. The Yankees play on it during the summer: Abbr.; 72. Talk show host Gibbons. DOWN: 5. Singer Ocasek of the Cars; 6. Rock genre; 7. Runway user; 9. “On the double!”; 10. White House girl; 18. Scot’s “wee”; 42. Prerequisite for many a prescription; 48. Ultimatums, say; 51. Like some church matters; 53. Neighbor of Francia; 56. Typical Clint Eastwood role; 60. Many a gang symbol, for short; 62. Swedish actress Persson; 66. Catcher’s place?; 67. Goal of las Naciones Unidas.

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