08.27.10 — She Sings

The Parting of Wotan, ca.1895, Ferdinand Leeke


Friday, August 27, 2010

Puzzle by Corey Rubin, edited by Will Shortz

IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS (14 and 17 Across, encouragement for a trailing team) and LET’S MAKE IT A TRUE DAILY DOUBLE, ALEX (57 and 60 Across, risky “Jeopardy!” declaration) are the featured entries in this end-of-week Friday crossword.

Other — AT SIGNS (36A. Parts of e-mail addresses), BOLSTERS (6D. Gives a shot in the arm), DIATRIBE (38D. Venomous venting), DRY HEAT (38A. Baking need), EVACUEE (7D. Hurricane survivor, maybe), INFUSE WITH (4D. Give the flavor of), IN HOSPITAL (27D. Like many laid-up Brits), WROTE UP (40D. Put to paper).

Six-letter — B AND B’S (35A. A.A.A. listings), ESTEES (24A. Actress Chandler and others), MAI TAI (39A. Tiki bar order), PINKOS (43D. Types a little to the left), PRAWNS (43A. Wharf fare?), SEDANS (8D. Lots are in lots).

Five — ATHOL, AT SEA, BEEBE (9A Deep-sea exploration pioneer), CLUES (49D. Things pieced together), EARLE, ELIOT, NOVAE, OASES, RIOTS, STAHL, TONUS (18A. Normal muscle tension), TUNED (22A. Ignored, with “out”), VIALS and “I swear I USE NO art at all“: “Hamlet“.

Short stuff — ABES, ALDA, AMOI, ASIA, ATTN, BIG D, BREW, BUS, DADA, DRAY, ELSA (13D. The bride in Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus”), ENID, ENTR‘ acte, ETNA, GALE, IAMS, I SAW (31A. Caesarean section?), ISLE, LEAD, LEST, LOSE, MAUI, MEAT, MITT, MYA, OARS, ODEA, OPEC, ORE, OTIS, RYNE, SCAN, SEXT, SPEC, SSTS, STAT, TBAR, TLC, TONI, WIE.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Lanai’s county; 5. Five-spots; 19. Search; 20. It originated at Zurich’s Cabaret Voltaire in the 1910s; 21. Get blitzed; 26. Occasions to use pepper?; 40. Golfer who turned pro at age 15; 41. Things locked into place; 42. Newswoman Lesley; 45. 1948 Literature Nobelist; 47. Vienna-based grp. With no European members; 50. Opposite of yours, in Tours; 55. Apothecary’s stock; 61. Out with the junk, say; 62. It’s risky to build a house on this; 63. In case. DOWN: 1. A baker might have a hand in it; 2. Massachusetts city called Tool Town; 5. Court fig.; 9. Something to take a pass on; 10. Often-referenced but never-seen wife on “Scrubs”; 11. Site of Vulcan’s smithy; 12. Stars’ city, informally; 15. Relief providers; 16. Slugger Sandberg; 23. Transporter of heavy loads; 25. Lydman of the N.H.L.; 27. L8. Concert halls; 29. Apparatus for pull-ups?; 30. They had Machmeters, briefly; 31. Pedigree alternative; 32. Recap figure; 33. Java setting; 35. Java, e.g.; 37. One might make waves; 44. Bright spots in the sky; 46. With 34-Across, slag furnace input; 48. 1960s Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Wheeler; 50. 1986 Oscars co-host with Fonda and Williams; 51. Nut part; 52. Its products go up and down; 53. 1-Across, for one; 56. Send explicit come-ons by cell phone; 58. R&B singer with the hit “It’s All About Me”; 59. R&B group with the hit “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg”.

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