08.30.10 — Hand and Hand

Two Hands, Vincent Van Gogh, 1885


Monday, August 30, 2010

Puzzle by Richard Chisholm, edited by Will Shortz

TWO HANDS (59A. Things a clock has … or, literally, what 17-, 25-, 35- and 50-Across are), along with OFF STAGE (17A. Where Claudius is during Hamlet‘s “To be, or not to be“ soliloquy), BEFORE LONG (25A. Any time now), SECOND HELPING (35A. Extra plateful) and RIGHT FIELD (50A. Position for Babe Ruth) — that’s right, offhand, stagehand, beforehand, longhand, secondhand, helping hand, right-hand and field hand — are the interrelated entries of this deft Monday crossword, not a bit unlike the August 19th crossword of HEAD FIRST.

Other — FISHEYE (26D. Kind of lens with a wide angle), NINTENDO (38D. Video game maker that owns the Seattle Mariners), NOT FOR ME (36D. “No thank you”), SOFT-SHOE (3D. Form of tap dance), SQUIRREL (8D.Acorn lover).

Six-letter — ADROIT, AGLARE, ARTIST (43D. Warhol or Wyeth), BYE NOW, CLOWNS (47D. Performers with big red noses), ELAINE, FLAMBÉ (5D. Served on fire as cherries jubilee), INANER, GIANTS (44D. San Francisco nine), PIG PEN, Former vice president Dan QUAYLE, RETAGS, SENIOR, SOMBER, STREAM, UNSEAT, TOY CAR (46A. Matchbox racer), and last but not least, TSE TSE (65A. Feared African fly).

Five — Stick out like A SORE thumb, Frontiersman Daniel BOONE, DROID (37D. R2-D2, for one), ECASH, ENIAC (41A. Early computer that weighed 30 tons), LEDIN, ORATE, OUNCE, SNEAD, THUMP (20A. More than a gentle tap), TREAS, WOOER.

Short stuff — AGAS, AHSO, APER, BIC, CPO, DEO and DEW, ESTO, ETH, EWES (30A. Rams‘ madams?), GAIL, ILIE, JIF, MAS, NET, NIA and NIP, OTOS, OWL, PEW, PJS, POSY, PRO or con, RIO de Janeiro, ROD, SFPD, SHY, SITU, SOL, SROS, STA, STLO, TAL, TUE, Les États-UNIS.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Sleepwear, informally; 4. Law enforcement org. featured in “Bullitt”; 8. Like a requiem; 15. Tennis’s Nastase; 19. Defeat, as an incumbent; 21. Inexpensive pen; 22. Actress Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”; 23. Bouquet; 28. Biblical verb ending; 29. 12th grader; 31. One who goes a-courting; 33. Three-time Masters winner Sam; 43. Old Turkish leaders; 49. Tiny bite; 52. Normandy battle site; 53. 1960s world chess champion Mikhail ___; 54. Tennis legend Laver; 55. Make a grand speech; 57. More nonsensical; 62. Creek; 64. ___ gratias (thanks be to God: Lat.); 66. This, in Tijuana; 67. Bird that gives a hoot. — DOWN: 2. Skippy alternative; 4. In ___ (as found); 6. Sty; 7. Ruby or Sandra of film; 9. 1/16 pound; 10. Some grad school degrees; 11. “See ya later”; 12. Actress/director May; 13. Changes the price of, as at the supermarket; 18. Reluctant to meet people, say; 23. Sunday seat; 24. Plains tribe; 27. Saw to the seat at church, say; 29. Sellout signs; 32. Online money; 34. Copycat; 39. Collins on the Op-Ed page; 42. “___ Sharkey” of 1970s TV; 45. Blazing; 48. Dexterous; 51. Club finance offers: Abbr.; 52. Depot: Abbr.; 56. “I see,” facetiously; 58. Butterfly catcher; 59. U.S. Election Day, e.g.: Abbr.; 60. Morning moisture; 61. Note above fa.

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