08.01.10 — Play Bargaining

Sunday, August 1, 2010

PLAY BARGAINING, Puzzle by Brendan Emmett Quigley, edited by Will Shortz

In this fine, but standard Sunday crossword, we, Sharpie, Lee, be, spree, valley, she, free, tree and G of common phrases, a long E sound changes into a long A sound to spell out uncommon phrases — WEIGH THREE KINGS (21A. Put a few monarchs on the scale?), SHAR-PEI PEN (29A. Wrinkly dog holder?), GENERAL LEI (105A. Floral garland for whoever?), TO BAY OR NOT TO BAY (114A. Indecisive wolf’s question?), SHOPPING SPRAY (15D. Mist from a mall?), VALET GIRL (27D. Miss who parks cars?), CHEZ DEVIL (33D. In hell?), FANCY FRAY (58D. Brawl at a ball?), THE GIVING TRAY (56D. Generous carhop’s prop?), JAY STRING (62D. Leno’s necklace?).

Other across — 1. Grinder toppings, ONIONS; 7, Supreme Court justice nominated by Reagan, SCALIA; 13. Real-life actor Joe who is a character in Broadway’s “Jersey Boys”, PESCI; 18. Bunny’s covering?, SKI-SUIT; 19. Bent nails, TALONS; 20. Furniture retailer ETHAN Allen; 33. Espresso topping, CREMA; 39.8. Obama whose Secret Service code name is “Rosebud”, SASHA; 40. Snobbery, ELITISM; 42. Location for a fall, TRAP DOOR; 45. Bank claims, LIENS; 48. Helped with the laundry, IRONED; 51. Cords behind a computer, often, TANGLE; 54. Word with a German request, BITTE; 7. Blew by a drummer, maybe, FIFED; 59. Played the tourist, SIGHT-SAW; 62. Smoking character, JOE CAMEL; 68. Gel, HARDEN; 69. Golfer’s wear, VISORS; 74. Amsterdam air hub, SCHIPHOL; 77. Company that merged with Sony in 2001, ERICSSON; 80. Brunonian rival, YALIE; 81. Compromise of 1877 president, HAYES; 82. 1996 Grammy winner for the album “The Road to Ensenada”, LOVETT; 85. Alternate road, DETOUR; 89. Poll answer choice, AGREE; 91. Famed Fokker flier, RED BARON; 95. Toward the middle, CENTRIC; 98. “Why is this happening to me?!”, AARGH; 103. With honor, NOBLY; 112. Duel overseer in “Hamlet”, OSRIC; 120. John Mason NEALE, English priest who wrote “Good King Wenceslaus”; 121. Accustoms, INURES; 122. Hair-texturizing tool, CRIMPER; 123. Heretofore, AS YET; 125. Observation, ESPIAL.

Other down — 1. Battle site of 1945, OKINAWA; 2. River on the Benin border, NIGER; 6. Secure, with “in”, STRAP; 7. Breastbone-related, STERNAL; 11. Hearth, INGLE; 12. Take as a given, ASSUME; 16. Leonard Bernstein called her “The Bible of opera”, CALLAS; 17. Enlighten, INFORM; 18. Brazilian mister, SENHOR; 21. “I WASN’T ready!”; 30. Military chaplain, PADRE; 35. Arterial implant, STENT; 39. “Attack!, SIC ‘EM; 41. Baking spuds, IDAHOS; 44. Served seconds, say, REFED; 49. Cuts up, in a way, DICES; 52. Punjabi capital, LAHORE; 53. Oil family of TV, EWINGS; 54. Oil unit, BARREL; 55. First player to hit an inside-the-park home run during an All-Star Game, 2007, ICHIRO; 64. Oily substance, LIPID; 68. Prynne of “The Scarlet Letter”, HESTER; 70. Absolute, SHEER; 75. Hardly a fan, HATER; 78. Bird and others, once, CELTS; 81. When doubled, “I like!”, HUBBA; 90. Game in which it’s easy to make a mess, EGG TOSS; 92. Change tags on, RELABEL; 93. Mop brand that “makes your life easier”, O-CEDAR; 94. Whooping, NOISY; 95. Dos Equis competitor, CORONA; 96. Clears, ERASES; 97. Louse, COOTIE; 104. Where hip-hop was born, with “the” BRONX; 106. F.D.R. veep John NANCE Garner; 107. Parkinson’s battler, L-DOPA.

Short stuff — ACHY, AGAL, ALI, ANNE, ARC and ARE, ATRA, AWRY, AYES, BUC, CAKY, CZAR, DADS, ECO and ETO, EDEN, EROO, EWES, EYE, HERR, ICET, ICON, IGOR, ILE and ILER, ISH, ITOO, LEB, LON, LUVS, NIH, NOW, ODER, OREO, ORS and ORGS, OUT, PEWS, PHI, PITY (43D. “The scavenger of misery“, per Shaw), PLO, RAT and RAFT, RANA, RHE, RIG, RON, SARA and SARG, SPAR, TELE, TIO and TIP, TMI (119. “I didn’t need to know that,” in modern lingo).


UNDERSHAFT [with biting contempt] You lust for personal righteousness, for self-approval, for what you call a good conscience, for what Barbara calls salvation, for what I call patronizing people who are not so lucky as yourself.

CUSINS. I do not: all the poet in me recoils from being a good man. But there are things in me that I must reckon with: pity--

UNDERSHAFT. Pity! The scavenger of misery.

CUSINS. Well, love.

UNDERSHAFT. I know. You love the needy and the outcast: you love the oppressed races, the negro, the Indian ryot, the Pole, the Irishman. Do you love the Japanese? Do you love the Germans? Do you love the English?

CUSINS. No. Every true Englishman detests the English. We are the wickedest nation on earth; and our success is a moral horror

— Major Barbara, Act III, George Bernard Shaw


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 24. Sister of Charlotte and Emily; 25. All wrong; 26. Huggies rival; 28. Gaza Strip org.; 36. “I said - __!”; 37. Firecracker’s trajectory; 47., Location for the Fall; 50. Political appointee; 61. Hurting; 65. Relative in the barrio; 66. The golden ratio; 67. Line score letters; 71. N.B.A. All-Star Artest; 72. Tractor-trailer; 73. One with a pupil; 76. Puppeteer Tony; 82. Camper’s rental; 88. Robert of “The Sopranos”; 100. Its cap. Is Beirut; 101. Prefix with tour; 102. Mensa and others: Abbr.; 108. Kangaroo ___; 109. Character with a prominent back; 110. Gillette model; 111. Many P.T.A. members. DOWN: 3. -like equivalent; 4. Available for purchase; 5. Biomedical research agcy.; 8. Clumped; 9. “Prince ___” (“Aladdin” song); 10. Basketball coach Kruger; 13. Sunday seats; 14. W.W. II zone: Abbr.; 22. Things shepherds shepherd; 31. Suffix with stink; 32. Only thing between you and an open window?; 34. ___ close second (almost won); 46. Yearbook signers: Abbr.; 60. “Am ___ fat?”; 63. Mousse pie ingredient, maybe; 76. ___ Lee bakery; 79. Publisher of Shooting Illustrated, for short; 84. “___ in Calico” (jazz standard); 86. Prefix with copier; 87. River to the Baltic; 99. Austrian title; 109. Entertainer born Tracy Marrow; 110. Cries made in passing?; 113. Saint-Martin, e.g.; 115. Winning Super Bowl XXXVII gridder; 116. Exist; 117. Surgery sites, for short; 118. 20%, maybe.

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