08.07.10 — It's Better Than Life

A Prison Scene by Francisco de Goya, c. 1810-1814


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Puzzle by Joe Krozel, edited by Will Shortz

This nightmare Saturday stunt crossword (a minimum of black squares) features eight fifteen-letter entries:

CULTURE VULTURES (15A. Some literati)
CREASE RESISTANT (17A. Unlikely to be pressed)
THE ROSETTA STONE (44A. Aid in understanding some old pictures)
HEARSAY EVIDENCE (46A. Court no-no)
SURROGATE MOTHER (2D. One making a special delivery?)
PLEASE TAKE A SEAT (3D. Host’s invitation)
TRANSMIGRATIONS (12D. Souls’ post-death passages)
TEN-YEAR SENTENCE (13D. It’s better than life)

Other — ACCUSAL (1D. Charge), AGE MATES (24A. Contemporaries), ART SALE (47A. It may offer a variety of oils), ASPIRES (1A. Seeks), EREMITES (6D. Many ascetics), ESTAMPA (14D. Imprint: Sp.), GAROTTE (8 Throttle: Var.), IT’S A LULU (41A. “This one’s incredible!”), L A TIMES (2A. Longtime “Column One” printer, briefly), MADEIRA (28A. Port alternative), ONE REEL (34D. Length of some shorts), PARINGS (30A. Some kitchen waste), OUT-EATEN (11D. Shown up at a restaurant?), POLLUTE (30D. Dirty), SERAPES (7D. Ranchero dressing?), STOSSEL (48A. Former “20/20” co-anchor John), TABITHA (31D. “Bewitched” spinoff), WALLEYE (32D. Pikeperch).

Mid-size — BARKS, BITMAP, CALLS, CAUSAL, GUSTO, HAMEL, HIPTO, KASEM, KIDIS, LALLY, Novelist Mario Vargas LLOSA, MISDO, MARTES (37D. Tuesday in Tijuana), MIXES, MANLY, MASTS, MATTE, TAXES (29. Proverbial certainty), TEKEL (31A. Bit of biblical “writing on the wall”), VESTS, WIRIER, WONK (32A. Eggheaded experts).

Short stuff — ALIS, AMES, ARRS, BOA, ENYA, ITAL, MANN, REO, RTS, RUS, SOS, TVS, URAL, WAIT (43D. Emergency room concern).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 18. The Sakmara feeds it; 19. Clipper supporters; 20. Singer with the 4x platinum album “Watermark”; 21. Help-wanted indication; 22. Knowing what’s what about; 23. Big name in Top 40 countdowns; 26. GIF or JPEG alternative; 27. Longtime “Column One” printer, briefly; 33. Old autodom’s Model M or Model T-6; 35. Columnist and graphic novelist Jonathan; 36. They’re often screened; 37. Jazz flutist Herbie; 38. Uncomfortably tight wrapper?; 39. ___ column (concrete-filled steel cylinder); 40. Lacking luster; 43. More lean and muscular. DOWN: 4. Leaning, in a way: Abbr.; 5. Bulg. relative; 8. Vivacity; 9. Noted ring family; 10. Football linemen: Abbr.; 16. Occasional bullet stoppers; 22. Five-time “Hill Street Blues” Emmy nominee; 23. “But the ___ not my son” (“Billie Jean” lyric); 25. Is sociable, in a way; 26. Potential burglary deterrents; 28. Oozing testosterone; 36. Leading to something; 40. Muff; 42. Musical settings: Abbr.; 45. Some surfers’ needs.

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