08.13.10 — Foursome

Puzzle by Manny Nosowsky, edited by Will Shortz

With four heavy-handed crucifixes as dividers, this fearsome Friday crossword is actually a foursome of crosswords (a/k/a, a quadrupuzzle) with a smattering of connective issue tied together by TEE and TEX in a fragile center crossing.

Puzzle 1, Upper LeftAcross: 1. Homo found in 1891, JAVA MAN; 15. Noted password user, ALI BABA; 17. Deceive, CROSS UP; 19. “Cheri” novelist, 1920, COLETTE; 21. One of its groups is rec.puzzles, USENET;23 Alternatives to Civics, SENTRAS; 26. Fangorn Forest race, ENTS; 27. What may make you bats?, LATHE. Down: 1. 1898 Émile Zola letter, J’ACCUSE; 2. 1953 A.L. M.V.P. who played for the Indians, AL ROSEN; 3. Wroth, VIOLENT; 4. Withdraws (oneself), ABSENTS; 5. Be able to nail, MASTER; 6. Adjacency, ABUTTAL; 7. It’s often cleaned up by a barber, NAPE; 24. Like some bedding, SATIN.

Puzzle 2, Upper Right — Across: 8. Mother who never had a delivery?, ADOPTER; 16. Start of a form to fill out, LINE ONE; 18. Extras, ADDENDA; 20. Foments, STIRS UP; 22. Have covered, INSURE; 25. Dirty campaigner, SMEARER; 29. Literary title character called “a pure woman”, TESS. Down: 8. Preceder of a bit of bad news, ALAS; 9. Was a joint tenant?, DID TIME; 10. 1939 Giraudoux play, ONDINE; 11. Tries to make out, PEERS AT; 12. Clerical clipping, TONSURE; 13. Gets through, ENDURES; 14. Combing workers, REAPERS; 25. Unit for 14-Down, SHEAF.

Puzzle 3, Lower Left — Across: 31. Alarmist’s topic, DOOM; 35. Midpoint of morning watch, SIX AM; 41. Empty, at a port, say, UNLADEN; 45. Brown, then red, then brown again, maybe, REDYED; 47. One not seated?, ALSO RAN; 50. Meat curer, NITRITE; 52. Like tractors, TREADED; 54. Like many seals, EARLESS. Down: 31. Entertainer with the gag reply “What elephant?”, DURANTE; 32. A pound of Turkey?, ONE LIRA; 33. Person getting way up there?, OLDSTER; 34. Kind of campaign, MAYORAL; 35. Calms down, SEDATES; 42. Put down, DERIDE; 48. ABC newsman Potter and others, NEDS.

Puzzle 4, Lower Right — Across: 37. Port container, CASK; 43. As a welcome change, FOR ONCE; 46. Use for support, RELY ON; 49. Start up, as electronic equipment, POWER ON; 51. Get moving, ANIMATE; 53. Stole, PIRATED; 55. Trees, hills, etc., SCENERY. Down: 36. Dumb, MORONIC; 37. Company whose logo is a lantern, COLEMAN; 38. Whatever happens, after “at”, ANY RATE; 39. Two-wheeler, SCOOTER; 40. Castro’s “enemy to whom we have become accustomed”, KENNEDY; 44. Make some new connections with, REWIRE; 49. Dads, in dialect, PAPS.


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Remaining clues — 30-Across, Ball-bearing article. 28-Down, Handle on a ranch.

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