08.06.10 — The Forgotten

“Los Olividados” 1950, directed by Luis Buñuel — a film about a group of destitute children and their misfortunes in the slums of Mexico City.


Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Prepares for the trophy room, say, STUFFS; 7. “That greeny flower” in a William Carlos Williams poem, ASPHODEL; 15. Husband of Denmark’s Queen Margrethe, HENRIK; 16. Italian cooking style, MILANESE; 17. Maker of Emporio White perfume, ARMANI; 18. Dr. Eric Foreman’s portrayer on “House”, OMAR EPPS; 19. Con artist’s crime, FRAUD; 20. Carol king, WENCESLAS; 21. Cheap roofing material, TIN; 22. Wartime bridge builder, SEABEE; 24. Prevailing character, TONE; 25. Sargasso Sea spawner, EEL; 26. Undomesticated, FERAL; 27. Justicialist Party founder, PERON; 28. Arid area agriculture, DRY FARMS; 30. A belligerent arguer may grab them, LAPELS; 31. “Los Olvidados” director Buñuel, LUIS; 32. El Misti’s location, PERU; 33. Limited release, PAROLE; 36. Walks aimlessly, TRAIPSES; 40. Crack, ADEPT; 41. Tibiae, SHINS; 42. Delighted expression, AAH; 43. Pushes (off), SETS; 44. Ambulance chaser’s prize, CLIENT; 46. The Fighting Tigers, for short, LSU; 46. Item first marketed under the name Snurfer, SNOWBOARD; 48. She won three Grammys for her 1989 album Nick of Time”, RAITT; 50. What phorid flies are imported to prey on FIRE ANTS; 51. Green stuff, DO RE MI; 52. Accurate, ON TARGET; 53. Got ahead of, OUTRAN; 54. Not worry, REST EASY; 55. Oktoberfest souvenirs, STEINS.

Down — 1. Given a raw deal, slangily, SHAFTED; 3. Popular rat-baiting dog in Victorian England, TERRIER; 3. Weak and craven, UNMMANLY; 4. FRAU Blücher (forbidding “Young Frankenstein” character) ; 5. Is critical, FINDS FAULT; 6. Word with pole or jump, SKI; 7. They reproduce via mitosis, AMOEBAS; 8. SIMNEL cake (marzipan-covered dessert); 9. Follow the leader?, PLACE; 10. A leveret is a young one, HARE; 11. Bruce Springsteen ballad, ONE STEP UP; 12. Censure, DEPLORE; 13. Catalán relative ESPAÑOL; 14. Moderates, LESSENS; 20. Goes up a degree or two, WARMS; 23. Like freakish coincidences, EERIE; 27. Pete Dexter novel whose title character is an unrepentant murderer, PARIS TROUT; 29. It sometime covers first-time performers, FLOP SWEAT; 30. Singer Rimes, LEANN; 32. Dug for gossip, PRIED; 33. Appear to be, to most eyes, PASS FOR; 34. Base found in DNA and RNA; ADENINE; 35. “So’s your old man!” and others, RETORTS; 36. Seeking relief from a pitcher?, THIRSTY; 37. Composer who tutored Mozart’s son, SALIERI; 38. Roll film inventor, EASTMAN; 39. They’re home 24/7, SHUT-INS; 41. Schoolhouse needs of yore, SLATES; 44. Kind of line, CONGA; 47. Display, BARE; 49. Michelangelo work, ARTE; 51. Salon selections, DOS.


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