10.27.12 — Ancient Manuscript

Christian Bible as Codex
Saturday, October 27, 2012
Puzzle by Joon Pahk / Edited by Will Shortz
Across — 1. Allies who are also rivals, FRENEMIES; 10. Park permit, sometimes, DECAL;15. It may be shown to a superior, REVERENCE; 16. Send out of state?, EXILE; 17. Ephemeral decorative structure, ICE CASTLE; 18. Major key that uses all five black keys on a piano, D FLAT; 19. Fails utterly, TANKS; 20. “Out of Sync” autobiographer, 2007, LANCE BASS; 22. “Ill be right with you”, ONE SEC; 2. First female skater to land a triple/triple jump combination in competition, ITO; 25. Like some verbs: Abbr., INTR; 26. Like certain versions of the Bible: Abbr., STD; 27. Iroquoian people, HURONS; 30. Means to enlightenment, TAO; 31. Gets down quickly, CHUGS; 33. CEDRIC Diggory, rival of Harry Potter; 35. Spinner’s spot, DJ BOOTH; 38. When repeated, a Las Vegas casino, NEW YORK; 39. Five-term Mexican president, JUAREZ; 40. Gymnastics staple, HORSE; 41. Home of Sault Ste. Marie: Abbr., ONT; 42. Dash, SPRING; 44. Modern storage, RAM; 47. Talking car on “Knight Rider”, KITT; 49. Patch Media owner, AOL; 50. Show some major respect?, SALUTE; 53. Some magicians gear, OPERA HATS; 56. Something seen after hours?, COLON; 57. Buyable, in a way, VENAL; 58. “Excuse me?”, DO YOU MIND; 60. She outwitted Sherlock, IRENE; 61. Major museum expense, INSURANCE; 62. Ancient manuscript, CODEX; 63. No longer on speaking terms, ESTRANGED.
Down — 1. Four-cornered chips, FRITOS; 2. Make an abjuration, RECANT; 3. Leveled, EVENED; 4. Gets to first base, NECKS; 5. Clear, ERASE; 6. Cuatro semanas, roughly, MES; 7. Not domestic: Abbr., INTL; 8. Desserts not for the calorie-conscious, ECLAIRS; 9. Taken care of, SEEN TO; 10. DEDE Dinah” (1958 hit); 11. Like some private eyes, EX-FBI; 12. Burrito flavoring, CILANTRO; 13. British sci-fi author, Reynolds, ALASTAIR; 14. “It’s showtime”; LET’S ROCK; 21. Big gigs, CONCERTS; 23. Cheek, CHUTZPAH; 28. What a stuck-out tongue may mean, UGH; 29. Works on shifts, say, SEWS; 31. French horn, COR; 32. Plot devices?, HOES; 24. Make the highlights?, DYE; 35. 2011 Wimbledon champion, DJOKOVIC; 36. California’s JUNIPERO Serra Peak; 37. Fastened tightly, with “down”, BATTENED; 38. Refusal of Paris, NON; 40. Family of Paris, HILTONS; 43. One bringing a speaker onstage, maybe, ROADIE; 44. Case outcome, RULING; 45. “And step on it!”, AT ONCE; 46. Got better, MENDED; 48. Sax great, to fans, TRANE; 51. Legend, for one, ACURA; 52. Iconic Broadway role for Cobb, LOMAN; 54. “A Clockwork Orange” protagonist, ALEX; 55. Interstate hwy. SYST; 59. Start of many church names, OUR.

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