10.31.12 — Toil and Trouble

The Three Witches from MacBeth, 1827, Alexandre-Marie Colin
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 — Halloween
Puzzle by Stu Ockman / Edited by Will Shortz

WITCHES’ BREW (64A. “Macbeth” recipe), TOOTH OF WOLF, SLIPS OF YEW, BLIND WORM’S STING and LIZARD’S LEG constitutes the interrelated group of this delightful current event (e.g., Halloween) crossword.
Other — AT RISK, BISHOPIRIC (37D. Seat of a Catholic official), Playwright Bertolt BRECHT, DARWIN, EASE UP, ENFOLD, Eve ENSLER, ESPRIT, LOLITA, LOOSEN, PROBOSCIS (3D. Notable nose), RITUAL, SASHAY, STABLE.
Short stuff — AAH, ABOU Ben Adhem“, ADO and ADZ, ALSO, APBS, BETH, DIDO, EATS, ELBA, ERO, ESC, FLY (18D. It may be embarrassing if it’s open), Peter GELB, GTO, HEH, IDEO, ISH, Cousin ITT, Capt. Jean-LUC Picard, NILS, NORA, NRA, NULL, OAR, ODIN, ONE-ARDS, REED, SABU (20A. “Elephant Boy“ boy), SEL, SNAG, SOO and SOR, STOA, SWAT, TAO, TKOS, UGLY, UMS, VEE, YET, Billy ZANE of “Titanic“.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Quick wit; 11. “Eternally nameless” Chinese principle; 14. In harm’s way; 15. Ruler of Asgard; ; 6. Tool with a curved head; 17. 64-Across ingredient; 19. “From my cold dead hands!” sloganeer; 21. 64-Aqcross ingredient; 23. Bireme or trireme tool; 25. “On the other hand …”; 26. Andean wool source; 27 Eve who wrote “The Vagina Monologues”; 30. Commotion; 32. Relax; 40. 64-Across ingredient; 43. “Wait! There’s more …”; 44. Relax; 45. French seasoning; 46. GPS display features: Abbr.; 48. Strut one’s stuff, say; 50. Illinois senator who became president; 53. Jacuzzi sigh; 56. Muscle car in a 1964 song; 57. 64-Across ingredient; 60. Some calls to smokeys; 63. Cousin ___ of ‘60s TV; 66. Flock formation; 67. Prefix with -logical; 66. Banned book of 1955; 69. PC key; 70. “A Doll’s House” wife. — DOWN: 1. Snacks on; 2. Greek colonnade; 4. Fraternity initiation, e.g.; 5. Roughly: Suffix; 6. Some referee calls, for short; 8. Take up, as a cause; 9. Zeros, in soccer; 10. Wrap around; 11. Tucker who sang “Delta Dawn”; 12. Pertinent, in law; 13. Conductor Seiji; 22. Rose Parade entry; 24. Bassoon part in two pieces; 27. Isle of exile; 28. Lacking value; 29. Singer of 1976’s “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”; 30. Church recesses; 33. The Great Lakes’ ___ Locks; 34. Suffix with ranch; 35. Stalling-for-time syllables; 38. Draft-ready; 39. Hard on the yes; 42. Grab onto; 47. Australian city named after a naturalist; 49. Hospital condition; 50. Antipasto bit; 51. What fishermen hope for; 52. Member of an empire ruled by the Mexica; 53. Cousin of a daisy; 54. Name in kitchen foil; 55. Villain’s chuckle; 58. Lover of Aeneas; 59. Peter ___, general manager of the Met; 61. Aleph follower; 62. Police jacket letters; 65. College women’s grp.