10.06.12 — Think

Saturday, October 6, 2012
Puzzle by Steve Salitan / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Straight person's statement, I CANNOT TELL A LIE; 16. #1 Dire Straits hit, MONEY FOR NOTHING; 17. Privileged access, PRIVATE ENTRANCE; 18. Holding heat, ARMED; 19. Jan SMUTS, South African leader instrumental in establishing the League of Nations; 20. South African with two U.S. Open wins, ELS; 21. King with a sad end, LEAR; 22. Response to “Hey, I’m not perfect”, WHO IS; 23. Sweep spots?, SOOT; 24. You may need to clean yours up, ACT; 25. Some gowns, DIORS; 26. “’SCUSE me? (“Wha”); 27. Turkey STEARNES, slugger in the Baseball Hall of Fame; 29. Like Rodin’s thinker, SEATED; 30. Divests, RIDS; 31. Something to scan, POEM; 32. Some dog treats, TBONES; 35. What fellers may be skilled with, HANDSAWS; 39. Many a spring arrival, ARIES; 40. Need for war games, CARDS; 41. “Well, LAH-di-dah!”; 42. Big name in educational grants, PELL; 43. Earl’s equivalent in Évreux, COMTE; 44. Shelter-providing dugout, ABRI; 45. Like Brahms’s Piano Trio No. 1, IN B; 46. Turn around on Wall Street?, RALLY; 47. Toughen: Var., ENURE; 48. Real lowlife?, ONE CELLED ANIMAL; 51. Schemer’s quality, CALCULATING MIND; 52. Sure things, ANTIPERSPIRANTS.
Down — 1. Savanna leapers, IMPALAS; 2. “Bingo!”, CORRECT; 3. Give energy, ANIMATE; 4. Now’s opposite, NEVER; 5. Diana with a record-setting swim around Manhattan in 1975, NYAD; 6. Repeatedly, in 31-Acrosses, OFT; 7. They allow performers to stay on pointe, TOE SHOES; 8. No great shakes, TREMORS; 9. Afflictions of the world-weary, ENNUIS; 10. Former Senate majority leader and family, LOTTS; 11. Posted pieces: Abbr., LTRS; 12. “Bingo!”, AHA; 13. Certain audio jack, LINE OUT; 14. Huddled up, e.g., IN CLOSE; 15. Expelled, EGESTED; 22. Some are prevailing, WINDS; 23. Rackets, SCAMS; 25. Exsiccates, DRIES; 26. Core units?, SEEDS; 28. Cellulose fiber brand, ARNEL; 29. Meteorological probe, SONDE; 31. Salsa, say, PARTY DIP; 32. Option for thickening soup, TAPIOCA; 33. Souter succeeded him on the Supreme Court, BRENNAN; 34. It’s exploited for its crude content, OIL BELT; 35. Tiny dots on maps, HAMLETS; 36. Egg white component, ALBUMIN; 37. Justify, WARRANT; 38. Protects, SHIELDS; 40. Arrest, COLLAR; 43. Street, in San José, CALLE; 44. Nero’s soul, ANIMA; 46. Not go out of service?, RE-UP: 47. Applied sci. professional, ENGR; 49. Turn-of-century year, CCI; 50. What April has, unlike any other month?, AN I.

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Art said...

This completed puzzle is much easier for my old eyes to read. Please continue to use this font.
(Not that I looked before completing my own, of course!)

DONALD said...

Under View there is Zoom to whatever size you wish. Also, clicking on the image of the completed puzzle will enlarge it. If that is not enough, then right click and select "open in new window" and click a second time to enlarge further. Many options...