10.29.12 — Animal Antics


European Red Squirrel, Image Credit: Freubel Art
Monday, October 29, 2012
Puzzle by Gareth Bain / Edited by Will Shortz

Animal nouns used as verbs in common phrases ending in directional prepositions, e.g., WOLF DOWN (17A. Devour), MONKEY AROUND (24A. Waste time playfully), PONY UP (39A. Pay what’s due), PIG OUT (41A. Eat, eat, eat), SQUIRREL AWAY (49A. Hoard) and BEAR UPON (63A. Pertain to) constitute the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.
Other — APIARISTS (34D. Beekeepers), NOMINEE (35A. Choice of a political party), PETUNIA (42A. Porky’s porcine sweetie), ROPE-A-DOPE (8D. Muhammad Ali strategy).
Mid-size — ADORN, ALIBIS (47D. They may fall apart under cross-examination), ASPEN (12D. “Quaking“ tree), ENACTS, GRADER, HERETO, INFAMY (4D. Criminal renown), ISUZU, LASED, NO FAIR, ODESSA (16A. Old Soviet naval base site), POP-UPS, QURAN. RACIST, RADIAL, REAGAN, REMIX, SHARE (49D. Not hoard), SYRUPY (48D. Too sentimental), TUNER, UTICA, WHAM-O, ZANIER (7D. More madcap).
Short stuff — ABE, ADO and ADZ, AER Lingus, AGED, AMEN, CAPP (28D. Al who created Joe Btfsplk), Buffalo Bill CODY, CYAN, DEA and DEP and DEW, DENT, DIO, EAR, EPEE, EST, Coup d’ ETAT, EURO, Goldie HAWN, HOPI, HUT, “Don’t you know who I AM?”, ICE, IDI Amin, KGB, NO NO, NRA, OBOE, OMOO, ONUS, ORIG, PELF, PERU, Tyrannosaurus REX, RNA, SIC, SOOT, SRO, TAB, TORN, YENS, YURI Gagarin, Tappan ZEE.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Indian tribe with a rain dance; 5. Wood-shaping tool; 8. Ind of tire; 14. The answer to a preacher’s prayers?; 15. Org. with sniffing dogs; 19. Some online ads; 20. “You cheated!”; 21. Cooler contents; 23. New York’s Tappan ___ Bridge; 31. Teacher after a test, e.g.; 32. “Honest” prez; 33. File folder projection; 45. Right-to-bear-arms org.; 46. Carter’s successor; 48. Chimney sweep coating; 54. Crude home; Uganda’s ___ Amin; 56. Attached ___ (legalese phrase); 60. Crops up; 65. Like Jim Crow laws; 67. Lima’s land; 68. Makes into law; 69. Boffo show sign; 70. Hankerings. — DOWN: 1. “The First Wives Club” actress Goldie; 2. Melville opus; 3. Ill-gotten wealth; 4. Criminal renown; 5. Deck out; 6. Pasture moisture; 9. “Much ___ About Nothing”; 10. Withdrawal’s opposite: Abbr.; 11. Japanese truck maker; 13. Erased a tattoo, say; 18. God, in Italian; 22. Blue shade; 25. Spy grp. Dissolved in 1991; 26. Many a song at a dance club; 27. Not a photocopy: Abbr.; 29. Instrument with metal keys; 30. Tin can blemish; 33. One doing piano repair; 36. It’s taboo; 37. Continental coin; 40. Space race hero Gagarin; 43. Superannuated; 44. Genetic material; 50. Imam’s holy book; 51. New York city with a name from antiquity; 52. Company that originated Frisbees and Boogie Boards; 57. Sporting sword; 58. Ripped; 59. Big burden; 61. [not my mistake]; 62. Superlative suffix; 64. What a headphone goes over.


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