10.26.12 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, October 26, 2012
Puzzle by Peter A. Collins / Edited by Will Shortz
Across — 1. Potential misfit, SQUARE PEG; 10. Darken, BEDIM; 15. Iranian export, TURQUOISE; 16. Actress ERICA Hubbard of “Akeelah and the Bee”; 17. Abbot’s attribute, PIOUSNESS; 18. Goliath’s master of old TV, DAVEY; 19. Showiness, ECLAT; 20. Private chat, TÊTE-À-TÊTE; 22. Ref’s call, TKO; 23. Secret rival, BAN; 24. Santa Maria’s chain, AZORES; 25. Number retired for Steve Largent and Jerry Rice, EIGHTY; 28. One hanging in una iglesia, CRUZ; 30. Truncated parlor piece?, TAT; 31. Some costume cutouts, EYE HOLES; 33. Figure in red, LOSS; 35. Sitcom mom of Cheyenne and Kyra, REBA; 36. There’s nothing in it, VOID; 38. “I have had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it” speaker, MARX; 40. Kewpie doll features, TOPKNOTS; 44. What a brat might throw, FIT; 45. Display some guns, FLEX; 47. Fen frequenters, EGRETS; 49. Painting the town red, ON A JAG; 51. Crack at a contract, BID; 53. It can be felt on felt, NAP; 54. Things placed during a political campaign, ROBOCALLS; 56. Two-time Italian prime minister Giuliano AMATO; 58. Filler of some cavities, GROUT; 59. Short, curly hairdo, POODLE CUT; 61. Eye: Prefix, OCULO; 62. Heyday, GOLDEN ERA; 63. Four-bagger, TATER; 64. Ready to be posted, say, ADDRESSED.
Down — 1. Home to Tropicana Field, familiarly, ST PETE; 2. Rush job, QUICKIE; 3. Detrol prescriber’s field, UROLOGY 43. Relative of cerulean, AQUA; 5. Body shop concern, RUST; 6. Big stretch, EON; 7. Passion portrayal, PIETA; 8. Spirit, ESSENCE; 9. Tale of derring-do, GEST; 10. Really brilliant, BEDAZZLING; 11. Lyre holder of myth, ERATO; 12. Shifts, DIVERTS; 13. Lemons are often squeezed into them, ICE TEAS; 14. Shakespearean might, MAYEST; 21. EAU de Lourdes; 23. Abbr. often preceding 29-Down, BYOB; 26. Many a Berliner, HERR; 27. Competition TV series with versions in over 30 countries, THE X FACTOR; 29 Abbr. often following 23-Down, RSVP; 32. Fashionable, some say, LATE; 34. Radon’s lack, ODOR; 37. Let pass, OKED; 38. Mahon is its largest city, MINORCA; 39. When it’s approximately, AT ABOUT; 41. Dark reddish brown, OXBLOOD; 42. Some bridge holdings, TEN ACES; 43. Reputation, STATURE; 44. Left behind, FORGOT; 46. N.Y.C. luggage tag letters, LGA; 48. Thing placed during a political campaign, SPOT AD; 50. Work measure, JOULE; 52. “ … despite not thy mother when she IS OLD”: Proverbs 23:22; 55. Green org. for women?, LPGA; 56. Out of harm’s way, in a way, ALEE; 57. MEN’S Journal (magazine); 60. E. Germany, before 1990, SSR.
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