10.01.12 — The A List

Abigail Adams, Alvin Ailey, Alan Arkin and Arthur Ashe
Monday, October 1, 2012
Puzzle by Susan Gelfand / Edited by Will Shortz

MADE THE A LIST (56A. Achieved great fame … or what 20-, 28-, 35- and 48-Across did?), ABIGAIL ADAMS (20A. Second first lady), ALVIN AILEY (28A. American Dance Theater founder), ALAN ARKIN (35A. Oscar-winning actor for “Little Miss Sunshine”) and ARTHUR ASHE (48A. Tennis champion with a stadium named after him) constitute the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.
Other — ANOMALY (11D. Deviation from the standard), BOBSLED (12D. Winter Olympics vehicle), CANBERRA (4D. Down Under capital), CLEAVER (3D. Butcher’s knife), ELM TREE (45D. Target for a certain bark beetle), ENZYMES (54A. Digestion aids), NAVY SEAL (39D. Special Operations warrior), REVERIE (23A. Daydream), STRANDS (42D. Leaves high and dry), TREMOLO (41D. Vibrating effect).
Mid-size — ASTIR, ATLAS, CERES (53A. Largest asteroid in the solar system), “DO AS I say!”, GAELS, HEARTS, HEDGES, LOUSE, MECCA, NERO’S Circus, ORALS, San RAFAEL, SAFARI, SCENT, SLEET, VIALS, ZINGS.
Short stuff — AERO, ALAS, “That’s ALL I ask”, ANON, ARR and IRR, ASTA, AVER, BOSS, EASE and EAST, ENL and ENS, ETC, EVE, EXES, FLIT, FOBS, GIA Scala, HERR, HOAR and HOAX, IRIS, JAIL, JOB, Erica JONG, MAC and MAS and MTS, NEA, NIK, ODS, OLE and OLDE, OREL Hershiser, RAE and RAH and RAJA, Kemo SABE, SST, SYS, “My country ‘tis of THEE“, VLAD the Impaler, YDS.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Muslim pilgrim’s destination; 6. Indian prince; 14. Map collection; 15. “’Tis a pity”; 16. Shortly, to a poet; 17. Bloodhound’s trail; 18. Move like a butterfly; 19. Watch chains; 25. Doctorate grillings; 27. Declare; 32. Mister : English :: ___ : German; 33. Part of the eye around the pupil; 34 Football field units: Abbr.; 40. K2 and Kilimanjaro: Abbr.; 43. Pitcher Hershiser; 44. Prefix with dynamic; 60. Erica who wrote “Fear of Flying”; 61. Winter frost; 62. ___ Circus (ancient Roman stadium); 65. Ye ___ Shoppe; 66. Part of the U.S. that’s usually first with election returns; 67. Some Scots; 68. One giving orders; 69. Alimony givers or receivers; 70. Precipitation around 32 degrees. — DOWN: 1. Pas’ mates; 2. Catchall abbr.; 5. Up and about; 6. San ___, Calif.; 8. First corner after “Go” in Monopoly; 9. Dashiell Hammett hound; 10. African big-game hunt; 13. Officer on a PT boat: Abbr.; 21. Actress Scala; 23 Cheerleader’s cheer; 24. Garden of Eden Woman; 26. The “S” of GPS: Abbr.; 29. Lab containers; 30. Like the verb “be” in many languages: Abbr.; 31. Suffix with no-good; 36. No-good sort; 37. Airport info: Abbr.; 38. Grant-giving org.; 40. PC alternative; 46. Comic Charlotte; 47. Gets too high, for short?; 49. Property dividers that may need clipping; 50. Card game for romantics?; 51. Photo lab abbr.; 55. Witty put-downs; 58. April 1 news story, maybe; 59. Comfort; 60. Occupation; 63. Corrida cheer; 64. Across-the-Atlantic flier of old, briefly.


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