10.20.12 — Puttin' on the Ritz

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Puzzle by Ned White / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Aid in football tackling drills, DUMMY BAG; 9. Grifter’s repertoire, SCAMS; 14. “I’m still waiting …”, ANY DAY NOW; 16. Boston pop, TONIC; 17. Old TV cliff-hanger, WHO SHOT JR; 18. Jane LYNCH of “Glee”; 19. Little belt, NIP; 20. Apple flaw, BRUISE; 22. Pitching need, ARM; 23. SPERM cell; 26. Recess riposte, AM TOO; 27. Feathered 500-pounder of old, MOA; 28 Unlikely ballet dancer, OAF; 30. Flock member’s perch, PEW; 31. Turn on the waterworks, BAWL; 32. Epic featuring Nero, QUO VADIS; 35. Corday slew him, MARAT; 36. Hit from Berlin, PUTTIN’ ON THE RITZ; 38. The Chi-LITES (“Oh Girl” group); 39. Didn’t change hands?, STOOD PAT; 40. More than conjecture, AVER; 41. Burning evidence, ASH; 42. Designer of D.C.’s L’Enfant Plaza, PEI; 43. “YER out!”; 44. More remote, ICIER; 46. Auntie ANNE’S (pretzel bakery chain); 50. Lab report?, ARF; 51. Everything, THE LOT; 53. Durham sch., UNH; 54. Big cards, RIOTS; 56. Alfa Romeo, e.g., RADIO CODE; 59. Mammoth, old-style, ENORM; 60. One might go after pearls, SKIN DIVER; 61. Errant, to Burns, AGLEY; 62. Port called the Cinderella of the Pacific, ENSENADA.
Down — 1. Crowing periods, DAWNS; 2. Square, UNHIP; 3. One who’s shortsighted, MYOPE; 4. Treating people, briefly, MDS; 5. Disdainful cry, YAH; 6. Abbr. often near “R.S.V.P.”, BYOB; 7. Bone cavities, ANTRA; 8 “Get lost, creep!”, GO JUMP IN THE LAKE; 9. Catholic university near Tampa, Fla., ST LEO; 10. Hardly forward, COY; 11. “Carnival!” Tony winner ANNA MARIA Alberghetti; 12. Little bit of power, MICROWATT; 1`3. Mush, SCHMALTZ; 15. E-mails, e.g., WRITES TO; 21. Spread, SOW; 24. Noisy 29-Down, ROOTER; 25. Staples of R&B, MAVIS; 29. See 24-Down, FAN; 31`. Slender brooch, BAR PIN; 32. Full of anticipation, perhaps, QUIVERING; 33. Imbecile, UTTER FOOL; 34. Reading for 007, DOSSIERS; 35. Euripides tragedy, MEDEA; 36. Pediatrician’s amenity, often, PLAY AREA; 37. React to a bad toe-stubbing, HOP; 41. Holy cow for Hamburgers?, ACH; 44. “IT’S MY fault”; 45. He sculpted Adam and Eve, RODIN; 47. Milan’s Porta NUOVA; 48. Finito, ENDED; 49. “Princess o Power” of cartoons, SHE-RA; 52. Spam is removed from them, TINS; 55. Amount over due?, TRE; 57. Many a paean, ODE; 58. Red letters?, CIN.


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