10.13.12 — Bubbles

Natural gas bubbles up through the crude oil and tar that seep to the surface in many locations at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.
Saturday, October 13, 2012
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Come to the surface, BUBBLE UP; 9. Place out of line, OFFSET; 15. Light work on a stage, OPERETTA; 16. Abrupt discussion ender, DROP IT; 17. Sci-fi vehicle, STARSHIP; 18. Bread, DINERO; 19. Appointed time, HOUR; 20. Hand helpers, ACES; 22. Campaign manager?, AD REP; 23. Backbeat keeper, SNARE DRUM; 25. Early idol of Warhol, CAPOTE; 29. Pen call, BAA; 30. Common menu option, EDIT; 33. Former big player in trading cards, FLEER; 34. See 46-Across, SANTA; 36. Skater with many trophies, ORR; 37. Names on some Apple products, LENNON-MCCARTNEY; 40. One of Ptolemy's 48 constellations, ARA; 41. English philosopher Robert, HOOKE; 42. Grunts, PEONS; 43. Published, TOLD; 45. Average name, DOW; 46. With 34-Across, company's present occasion?, SECRET; 47. 1950s "American Bandstand" dance, THE STROLL; 50. Grammy winner Adams, BRYAN; 52. 1950s living room feature, HIFI; 53. Scatterbrain, DITZ; 57. Document heading, RUBRIC; 59. Jane Goodall study site, TANZANIA; 61. 1990 A.L. Rookie of the Year, ALOMAR; 62. Driving, EGGING ON; 63. Fire Chief supplier, TEXACO; 64. Not fret, REST EASY.

Down — 1. Baloney, BOSH; 2. As far as, UP TO; 3. Certain squeeze, BEAU; 4. Chilly remark?, BRRR; 5. The Parisian?, LES; 6. Crude component, ETHANE; 7. The Pioneers of the N.C.A.A., UTICA; 8. Part of 37-Across's output, PAPERBACK WRITER; 9. Leftover, ODD; 10. Romeo's adviser, for one, FRIAR; 11. Communal dish, FONDUE; 12. One making a bank deposit?, SPERM DONOR; 13. Name on some European stamps, EIRE; 14. Datsun 280ZX option, T-TOP; 21. Attempt to reach a post-departure plane?, SEANCE; 23. Brewer Bernhard, STROH; 24. Bank deposit?, DATA; 25. Harp's home key, C-FLAT; 26. New model of 1999, ALERO; 27. Enforcer's place, often, PENALTY BOX; 28. Vintner's prefix, OEN; 31. Samuel Johnson's only play, IRENE; 32. Amorous arrangement, TRYST; 34. Hiccup-free, SMOOTH; 35. Last name in skin care, ARPEL; 38. Inattention indications, NODS; 39. P.I., TEC; 44. Concept in Hinduism and Buddhism, DHARMA; 46. Ancient weaponry, SLINGS; 48. Six women at Penn programmed it, ENIAC; 49. Not in the minority, OF AGE; 50. No angel, BRAT; 51. Be the best, in slang, RULE; 53. King Gorm the Old, e.g., DANE; 54. "Roll in ze hay" enthusiast in "Young Frankenstein", INGA; 55. Parents' hermanos, TIOS; 56. Off-the-wall, ZANY; 58. Balkan land, in the Olympics, CRO; 60. Embarrassing eruption, ZIT.


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