10.11.12 — Chichi Chihuahua, et al

Chichi Chihuahua
Thursday, October 11, 2012
Puzzle by Byron Walden / Edited by Will Shortz

A trio of triple-syllable/double-syllable repeats, CANCANCANTATA (19A. Bach work performed at the Moulin Rouge?), CHICHICHIHUAHUA (37A. One spotted at the Rodeo Drive Taco Bell?) and BERBERBERNINI (51A. North African counterpart to an Italian Baroque sculptor?), constitute the interrelated group of this very friendly Thursday crossword.
Other — EXECUTRIX (3D. Woman with great will power?), NORTH SIDE (20D. Area of Chicago where Wrigley Field is located), SUCCUMBS TO (26D. Is overwhelmed by), THIN MINTS (34D. Girl Scout offering), TAX CODES (40A. They have schedules), TRAM STOP (33A. Pickup point at an amusement park), WINTER SALE (10D. Post-Christmas clearance, maybe).
Seven-letter — A-LISTER (56A. Top celeb), ANGOLAN (62A. Kwanza spender), BLOWPOP, MARIANA Trench (deepest ocean spot on earth), MONTANA, OBELISK, ON A STAR (61A. As you wish?), ORANGES, RAM INTO, TUXEDOS, UTILIZE, WERTHER (27A. Massenet opera based on a work of Goethe).
Mid-size — AIM AT, APEDOM (1A. Tarzan’s realm), DACHA, ECRUS, ERECT, ERNANI (44D. Verdi opera set in Aragon), IT IS SO (63A. “True“), MELON ball, MOSCOW (6D. Idaho city), ODING, ONE TO, O-RING, OUTDO, PAGAN, SKATE, SLITS, PAGAN, SKATE, ZORRO.
Short stuff — A TO Z, BAMA, BMOC, BRAN, CEL, DE LA Soul, DORA, EDU, EMUS, ENDS, ENO, ET AL (52D. Citation shortened), GO TO, HAH, IDI Amin, LARA Croft, MOE and MOM, NISI, ORAN, ORO, PASA, PUB, RATS, RENA, SHOT, TAS, TRI.


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Remaining Clues — ACROSS: 7. Composite candy treat; 14. Some gala wear; 17. Locale for hieroglyphics, maybe; 18. California export; 21. URL ending; 23. Attend; 24. Rock producer Brian; 25. Winston's biggest fear in "1984"; 31. Neutral shades; 41. Narrow openings; 42. Put into play; 45. Tips; 46. May V.I.P.; 48. Toon with a singing map; 50. Name shared by a Broadway quintet; 57. Rear-end, say; 60. State with a bison skull on its quarter. — DOWN: 2. Mug site; 4. Hip-hop’s ____ Soul; 5. Taking too much; 7. College QB, often; 8. ___ Croft, comic book heroine; 9. Algeria’s second-largest city; 11. Baal worshiper, say; 12. Just before the top of the hour; 13. Simon & Garfunkel’s “El Condor ___”; 15. Runner’s place; 21. Put up; 22. Vacation home abroad; 28. Numerical prefix; 29. “Don’t make me laugh!”; 30. Dingo prey; 32. Attempt; 35. Best; 36. Old-hat; 38. Tyrant Amin; 39. Animation collectible; 43. Silver screen swashbuckler; 47. Certain gasket; 49. Draw a bead on; 51. N.C.A.A. football champs of ‘09 and ‘11; 52. Citation shortened; 53. Soap actress; 54. Muffin ingredient; 55. Not finalized at law; 58. Profs’ aides; 59. Metal in 60-Across’s motto.


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