10.19.12 — Thank Goliath It's Friday!


David and Goliath, a color lithograph by Osmar Schindler (c. 1888)


Friday, October 19, 2012

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Upscale kitchen feature, ISLAND; 7. Talked trash?, BABBLED; 14. Second Punic War general, SCIPIO; 15. Director of the “Evil Dead” trilogy, SAM RAIMI; 16. One hanging around the nursery, MOBILE; 17. Period book ended by extinction events, TRIASSIC; 18. “I don’t mind”, SURE; 19. Purple territory on some maps, SWING STATE; 21. Dash part, TACH; 23. Territory returned to France by the Treaty of Versailles, ALSACE; 24. Shot run, STREAMLET; 26. Worldly path?, ORBIT; 30. Shapiro of NPR, ARI; 31. Soup tidbit, WONTON; 33. Balanced, SANE; 34. Predator that suffocates its prey, BOA;35. Like the color gray, NEUTRAL; 37. “Conan” airer, TBS; 38. Like books in two volumes, LONG; 40. Doesn’t tread lightly, STOMPS; 41. Rested, SAT; 42. Old English spa town, EPSOM; 44. Tom Jones hit written by Paul Anka, SHE’S A LADY; 46. More verdant, LUSHER; 48. High tee goody, TART; 49. Former attorney general in the Iraq Study Group, EDWIN MEESE; 53. Patriarch who died at age 950, NOAH; 55. First battery brand to feature an indefatigable pink bunny in its ads, DURACELL; 56. Charge, ACCUSE; 58. Personal letters, INITIALS; 59. Good Samaritan types, SAINTS; 60. Keeps from going too far, TETHERS; 61. Deals with baseball players, TRADES.
Down — 1. Ideologies, ISMS; 2. Boy band?, SCOUT TROOP; 3. Quiet demanders, LIBRARIANS; 4. For one, APIECE; 5. Nothing at all, NIL; 6. Pulls off, DOES; 7. Some traveling performers, BARNSTORMERS; 8. Bygone computer brand, AMIGA; 9. 1997 title role for Depp, BRASCO; 10. Turkey Day utensils, BASTERS; 11. Phoebe’s portrayer on “Friends”, LISA; 12. Radiate, EMIT; 13. Shooter’s pair, DICE; 15. Sharp-looking footwear, STILETTO SHOES; 20. They’re wrinkled and cracked, WALNUT SHELLS; 22. “Foul Play” actress, HAWN; 24. Old Mercury model, SABLE; 25. Srpingfield bar, MOES; 27. Ponders the possibilities of, BATS AROUND; 28. Practically guaranteed to offend, IN BAD TASTE; 29. Irascible, TESTY; 32. Day breaks, NAPS; 36. Obstacle for an aspiring D.A., LSAT; 39. He went down in the Valley of Elah, GOLIATH; 45. Indiana city nicknamed “Middletown, U.S.A.”, MUNCIE; 45. Italian automaker, LANCIA; 47. What decrepit windshield wipers do, SMEAR; 49. Tighten, possibly, EDIT; 50. Hill with a “slip face”, DUNE; 51. Legal document, WRIT; 52. EAST Room (largest room in the White House); 54. Gas station name, HESS; 57. Elevator CAR.


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