03.14.10 — BOOK BINDING

A Harry Potter book (after) by bitwit — We wanted our Harry Potter books to look like something out of the Hogwarts library, so a custom bookbinding project was a perfect Halloween project. The impression of cords across the spine are simply hot melt glue on the back of paper softened with a spray mister. The distressing was simple, a little diluted ink in a spray mister followed by some translucent clear spray paint — dadcando.com

Sunday, March 14, 2010 - Pi Day 
BOOK BINDING, Puzzle by Caleb Madison, edited by Will Shortz

O, GOODBYE, WOMEN, END, DON, TIME and WAR are the binding words between seven sets of book titles in this Sunday crossword — Story of O (Histoire d'O) and O Pioneers!; The Long Goodbye and Goodbye Columbus; Little Women and Women in Love; Howards End and The End of the Affair; The Last Don and The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha; a pair of science-fiction novels, A Wrinkle in Time and Time and Again (did you set your clock forward?); The Art of War and War and Peace — for a grand total of fourteen titles, clued as though there are just seven titles with accompanying descriptions of the book at hand:

STORY OF O PIONEERS (24. Plot of a Willa Cather novel?)
THE LONG GOODBYE COLUMBUS (41. Unabridged version of a Philip Roth novella?)
LITTLE WOMEN IN LOVE (61. Pocket edition of a D. H. Lawrence novel?)
HOWARDS END OF THE AFFAIR (77. “Frost/Nixon” director's copy of a Graham Greene novel?)
THE LAST DON QUIXOTE (99. Final copy of a Cervantes novel?)
A WRINKLE IN TIME AND AGAIN (114. Creased copy of a Jack Finney novel?)
ART OF WAR AND PEACE (137. Illustrations in a Leo Tolstoy novel?)

Other — AFTER A SORT (90D. Roughly), AIMLESS (56A. Drifting), IT’S A LIE (49A. “Don’t believe that!”), JAZZ GUITAR (17D. Duke Ellington band instrument), JOSS WHEDON (89D. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator), OLD YELLER (144A. 1957 film dog), RAZOR BLADE (16D. Fuzz buster?), RIOT ACT (104A. It’s read to the rowdy), SALT N PEPA (19A. “Let’s Talk about Sex” hip-hop group), T S ELIOT (107A. 1948 Literature Nobelist).  Here's the rest of the band —


Five — ADLAI, ALERO, ALEXA, ALTAR (87A. Bachelor’s end?), APING, ARTEL, ASSAY, ASNER, Australia’s AYERS Rock, BLINI, HOBOS, IDIOT, ITALO (52D. Author Calvino), ITSON, JADED, JORJA (14A. Actress Fox of “CSI”), OGLES, ON TWO, RASTA, 51. Indian P.M. Manmohan SINGH, SMOTE, STOIC, STREW, TRACE, YACHT.

Short stuff — AABA, ACS, ADAM, ADM, AGA and AGO, AGRI, AGUA, ALA and ALP, ALSO, AMYS, ANAS, ANY, ASIS, BIN, BORG, BUS, CIEL (124A. Sky: Fr.), CLAY, COB, COEN (147A. “A Serious Man” co-director, 2009), DYE, EMME (123A. One-named supermodel), ESS, ESTH (103A. O.T. book read at Purim), EVEN, FACT, FEY, GAMY, GPO, GYRO, HAAS, “Authority is never without HATE”: Euripides, HORA, Red HOTS, “Look what I DID!”, IPOD, ISTO, JAN, JOE, INDO, INS, KYRA, LES and LET and LOT, LIMO, LTS, MLS, NAAN, NASD, NINA, “There is NOI in team”, NORW, OLA and OVA, ORRS, OSO, OZS, PAIL, PEN, PLOY, QUAD, RAD, REFI, ROK, RYES, SAUR, SEEM, SLEW, SOFA, TALC, THEY (133A. Community hangout, informally), TILL, TMI, TOP and TOW, TROD, WDS and yet again, YETI (130A. Himalayan legend).

That a wrap!

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