03.05.10 — Collage

Jean Arp (Hans Arp). Collage with Squares Arranged According to the Laws of Chance. c. 1916-17

One of the founders of the Dada movement in Zurich in 1916, Arp challenged existing notions of art and experimented with spontaneous and seemingly irrational methods of artistic creation. This work is one of several collages he made by scattering torn rectangular pieces of paper onto a paper support. He and other Dada artists embraced the notion of chance as a way of relinquishing control—a kind of depersonalization of the creative process that would influence many subsequent generations of artists. -- Museum of Modern Art


Friday, March 5, 2010

Puzzle by Louis Hildebrand, edited by Will Shortz

A collage of shreds and shards, this perfect little Friday crossword is full of traps and trip-ups, giving the solver an attractive blank at which to stare for a few moments before settling into an ooze of information in a jar of memory.

Across: 1. Crescendos, BUILDS; 7. Eye-opening things, ALARMS; 13. In the database, say, ENTERED; 15. Not look upon favorably, GLARE AT; 16. Brutal force, GESTAPO; 17. Nice thing to cut through, RED TAPE; 18. It’s not hot for long, FAD; 19. They’re not hot, WINTERS; 21. Lifesaver, briefly, CPR; 22. Plains folk, OTO; 23. Rankled, ATEAT; 24. Goalkeeper’s guarded area, SHIN; 25. People may be put out if they’re not put up, RENTS; 28. Part of an exchange, TAT; 29. Engine sound, WHINE; 30. Figure seen on the lunar surface, NEIL ARMSTRONG; 33. Multitasking, e.g., TIMESAVER; 34. Like some cruises, TRANSATLANTIC; 38. Conceived in a nonstandard way, THUNK; 39. Badge holder: Abbr., DET; 40. White House girl, SASHA; 42. Revolting bunch, REBS; 43. Setting for everything, WORLD; 45. X-ray spec?, RAD; 46. “… IF A woodchuck could chuck wood?”; 47. Worker in the medium of torn and pasted paper, HANS ARP; 49. Will be present?, ARE; 50. Sword or dagger, SIDE ARM; 52. Yaps, KISSERS; 54. Part of a board, TRUSTEE; 55. Safari jacket feature, EPAULET; 56. Give some relief, EMBOSS; 57. Marathoner’s concern, STRIDE.

Down: 1. Not just request, BEG FOR; 2. Left on a plate, UNEATEN; 3. “There!”, IT’S DONE; 4. It gets replayed, LET; 5. Gunslinger’s cry, DRAW; 6. Quaint photo, SEPIA; 7. Caffeinated?, ALERT; 8. Tom and Huck, e.g., LADS; 9. “A lie that makes us realize truth,” per Picasso, ART; 10. Try to steal a basketball from another player, e.g., REACH IN; 11. Cartography, MAPPING; 12. “Journal to Eliza” author, 1767, STERNE; 14. Early flag warning, DON’T TREAD ON ME; 15. West Jordan is near it, GREAT SALT LAKE; 20. Semi professionals?, TEAMSTERS; 24. Second of January, SHORT A; 26. They were brought down by Olympians, TITANS; 27. Move furtively, SLINK; 29. Members of the genus Troglodytes, WRENS; 31. Times for wake-up calls, briefly, AMS; 32. Longtime power provider: Abbr., TVA; 34. Cruise vehicle, THE FIRM; 35. Drumming sound, RUB-A-DUB; 36. Arab-ISRAELI; 37. Like some steaks, CHARRED; 41. Carol’s first word, ADESTE; 43. Stock to hawk, WARES; 44. Jobs for plumbers, DRIPS; 47 Roles, figuratively, HATS; 48. It has two critical reading sects., PSAT; 51. That Mexican?, ESO; 53. Charge lead-in, SUR.

Fall of the Titans, 1588, Cornelis van Haarlem 

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