03.26.10 — I'll Be Back!

Collage, frontispiece to third edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus, Illustration by Theodore Von Holst, 1831, with Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator 1984


Friday, March 26, 2010

Puzzle by Henry Hook, edited by Will Shortz

Sharing clues in this frightful Friday crossword are Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER (16A. Famous bodybuilder) and DR FRANKENSTEIN (48A. Famous bodybuilder?). "Man," I cried, "how ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom!"Mary Shelley, Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus. Woe, Hollywood!

Fill-in-the-blank and/or split clue/answers — 52A. When data’s been ERASED, 53A. … you may have to RE-ENTER it; the country of SRI LANKA is split between 28D. and 50D. …it’s flag has a lion holding a sword; two more fill-in-the-blank clues come in the form of another monster, Jabba the HUTT of “Star Wars”, and praise to the Creator, “Laus DEO (words atop the Washington Monument).

Diagram of the Principal High Buildings of the Old World, 1884. The Washington Monument is the tallest structure represented.

Other question-mark clues — ANNUS (8D. CD, e.g.?), ARTHURIAN (30A. In days of knights?), FREE (9D. Priceless?), LUGGAGE (11D. Carousel riders?), RECLASPS (27A. Holds over?) and ZERO SUM GAME (17D. Balancing act?), where the gain of one player is offset by the loss of another player, equaling the sum of zero.  Harrumph!

People in the puzzle — BEAME (46A. New York City’s first Jewish mayor) who was not himself so BEAMY (26D. Radiant), DER ALTE (13D. Nickname of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer), DIAN (21A. Zoologist Fossey), EDER (18A. Broadway star Linda who won $100,000 on “Star Search”), ELI (24A. TV lawyer Stone), ETHEL (18A. “On Golden Pond” wife), to quote from the film, "Ethel Thayer." It sounds like I'm lisping, doesn't it?, MEG MARCH (35A. Oldest of a literary quartet), REEVES (“Speed” star), SADAT (47A. “In Search of Identity” autobiographer), STAN (47D. Coveleski of Cooperstown), and VERNA (23D. Actress Felton of 1950s TV’s “December Bride”).

HARRUMPH (6D. Disapproving comment) and RE-OPENED (31D. Back in business) are the other long entries followed by those of seven letters — ALL OF ME (34D. 1932 song or 1984 movie), ARCHAIC (2D. Old), CALANDO (37D. Gradually quieting, in music), CASTILE (1D. Vegetable-oil soap), EN MASSE (51A. All at once) and ENROUTE (15A. Getting there), ETESIAN (12D. Summer wind in the Mediterranean), LUCERNE (33D. Swiss canton or its capital), REEDIER (36D. More frail), SHUDDER (32D. Some people do it to think).

The rest of it — AGONY, ALA, AREOLA (14A. Part of the iris bordering the pupil), AWAKER (40D. Reveille, e.g.), BAST, BEGAT, BOWL, CAMOS, CASBAH (1A. Nightclub in the Trump Taj), CARTS and CASTS, CURES, DINERO (54A. Lettuce), EAU, FOG, GSA, HULKS, PAESE (44D. Michelangelo’s country), RAN, REVUE (19A. “Closer Than Ever,” e.g.), SEHEN and SENSE and SERENE, SIGNS, SLANTS (32A. Factors in handwriting analysis), SWAPS, UCLA, VAIL.

“I’ll be back!”

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 20. Fed. Management org.; 22. Permanent solutions; 23. Resort town on I-70; 25. Splotchy apparel, familiarly; 26. Often-used word in Matthew 1; 39. Unwieldy ships; 40. Song from Sondheim’s “Into the Woods”; 41. ___ Claire; 42. 11-time N.C.A.A. basketball champs; 43. Racehorse whose 1955 Kentucky Derby win kept Nashua from taking the Triple Crown; 44. Hide. DOWN: 4. Cricketer’s action; 5. Mobile home: Abbr.; 10. Bewilderment; 22. Flings; 25. Barrows; 29. Makes binding; 43. Just know; 46. Cordage fiber; 49. Governed.

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