03.12.10 — Soup

Friday, March 12, 2010

Puzzle by Tim Croce, edited by Will Shortz

ALPHABET SOUP (9D. Its letters may be bolted down), ICE SCRAPER (32D. Tool often used while wearing gloves), JOE PALOOKA (3D. Fighter in old strips), RED SOX NATION (20D. Fans sporting a footwear logo), SCAREDY CAT (37A. One starting easily?) and TAKES X-RAYS (42A. Gets under someone’s skin?) are the long entries of this Friday crossword.

Other — ARGUE OVER (65A. Debate), CONSPIRED (61A. Worked together), HAD A BLAST (6A. Partied hearty), HOT POTATO (18A. Something passed without hesitation), MARE’S NEST (67A. Hoax), URAL RIVER (16A. Course in Russian geography?).

Mid-size — BEGINS (31A. Sets off), BROILED (10D. Like much filet mignon), GLITCH (47D. Bug), PIÑATA (58A. One suspended for a game), REPAIR (19A. Topic of TV’s “This Old House”), SERAPES (43D. Wool cover-ups), 45A Verenigde STATEN (America, in Amsterdam), YES I DO (5D. Admission statement).

Five-letter — ALDER (23A. Material for many electric guitar bodies), CARVE (50D. Do intaglio, e.g.), CREPT (66A. Was snail-like); DATED (8D. In no way new), DOONE (15A. Heroine of Exmoor), EGYPT (26D. Yom Kippur War participant), ENJOY (1A. Eat up), ENURE (52D. Harden: Var.), ÉPÉES (17A. Their points are made bluntly), EULER (51A. He introduced the symbol “e” for natural logs), FOOTS (27D. Pays), , 68A. “HERE’S trouble!”, NASAL (33D. Like some cavities), O’NEAL (4D. Magic center, once), OUGHT (40A. Moral obligation), RECUR (24D. Make a comeback), RHETT (36D. Country singer Akins), RHYME (38D. Rum, to some), SAGAS (30D. They might span generations), STORE (34D. Chain link?), TUPAC (64A. First name in rap), UNHAT (28D. Show respect, in a way).

Short stuff — ACTS, ARON, ATAD, AVAS, CLE, DALE, DEES (57D. Wedding couple?), DRT, EDER, ENGR, FUL, HORA, HUH, LIT, NEHI, NOPE, ODES, OHOH, ONOR, PESO, SCAM, SETH, 53A. “The Vengeance of SHE” (1968 film sequel), SHY, SMOG, SUE, TAPE, TRAC, TROY, TSAR.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 21. Royal Crown, once; 22. Slow to mix, say; 25. Peak’s counterpart; 27. Attachment used with care?; 29. Dedicated literature; 35. ___ before; 39. Cry of anticipation; 41. Dominican capital; 44. Old imperator; 46. Metropolitan hangover?; 48. Indians home, for short; 49. Razor brand word; 56. Opposite of very. DOWN: 12. Schwalm-___ (German district); 2. “Ixnay”; 6. Word from one who isn’t following; 7. “East of Eden” son; 11. Fried; 12. Roles on “Evening Shade” and “Nip/Tuck”; 13. Meyers of “Saturday Night Lie”; 14. Its ruins are a Unesco World Heritage Site; 53. It takes folks in; 54. Wedding ring?; 55. Mech. Master; 59. Something to get caught on; 60. Play set; 62. Make a case against?; 63. 2000 Richard Gere title role.

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