03.06.10 — Buffalo Bill and Company

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Puzzle by Barry Silk, edited by Will Shortz

BUFFALO BILL CODY (15A. Ned Buntline dime novel subject) is the star of this Saturday crossword rife with ingloriousness and ambiguity. Misses is not verbal, but LASSIES. They’re highly reflective produces IDEA MEN. Signs of unavailability, ENGAGEMENT RINGS. Crude, slangily, TEXAS TEA. Stable particle, OAT. Screen setting, CINEMA. Costs of admissions?, INITIATION RITES. Et cetera.

Supporting cast: BELTWAY BANDIT (16D. Private consultant to the federal government, in slang), BIO (52A. Many a Playbill paragraph), GEHRIG (18A. The Iron Horse), LEOS (19A. Composer Janáček), ILENE (36A. Beckerman who wrote “Love, Loss and What I Wore”) and IONES (12D. Actress Skye and others), LAO TSE (45D. Ancient philosopher whose name means “old master”), MANETS (27D. Certain portraits of Zola, Chabrier and Mallarmé), NOM (7D. What a person goes by in Paris), ODOM (24A. Defensive end Antwan), OGRE (29D. One may put a damsel in distress), PYM (37A. Poe title character), RILEY (39A. “The Hoosier Folk-Child” poet).

Conversation: ALL HAIL (41D. Cry of respect); BE GENTLE (42A. “Easy now …“), 1D. “I BEG of you ..“; 51D. “Viva EL REY!“; 49D. “What’s your POINT?” and TSKS (58D. Shows disapproval).

Geography: AFAR (4D. One way to travel), The ALPS (47A. Where lederhosen are worn), ALTOONA (9D. City near Horseshoe Curve), CASTRO (21A. San Francisco street or theater), DENALI STATE PARK (62A. Alaska area almost half the size of Rhode Island) and ETAT (56D. One of 31 in Mexique).

Commerce: TOYOTAS (64A. Sequoias, e.g.), much in the news of late, brings up the rear of the puzzle with it’s deceptive clue. Elsewhere, SYSCO (14D. Food service Fortune 500 company) and DELI (25D. Supermarket work station) benefit from good TILLAGE (44A. Farmwork), perhaps with OXEN (26D. Some team members). Other business from continent, mountain and ocean are EEC (20A. It. was part of it) (or It was part of It.?), NEW SNOW (28A. Ski resort forecast) and TAI (60D. Red sushi fish).

Remains of the day -- ABIDE (7D. Brook), AGNATE and LANATE (32A. Paternal relative, 50A. Woolly), ALTO, DUNE, EDGES, EFGH (3D. What I will follow), ELEGANT and ENTITLE (6D. Opposite of coarse, 63A. License), EYED, GET INTO (43D. Don), GOLD, ILLEST (54A. Lease sound), LINEN and LINERS (48D. Like some shirts, 8D. Relatives of flies), LIPO, MAGIC, MEGA, OSSO, OTIC, OWNING (23D. Totally dominating), SCI, SEEP, SEMI, SERA, SHOD, SILT, SLRS, TELL.

I leave you with this…

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Remaining clues -- across: 23. Skeleton part, in Padua; 46. #1 honor; 53. Not baring one’s sole? DOWN: 2. Sight near a lagoon; 5. Tricks; 10. Shooters for pros; 11. High school dept.; 13 Nips; 22. Go out very slowly; 24. ___ suspension (ear medication); 33. It’s high in the Sierras; 34. Sing; 35. Took in; 31. Formal introduction?; 38. Bit or hit lead-in; 53. What may accumulate in the mouth; 55. Slimming option; 57. Some medicines.

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