03.29.10 — Hair

Illustration wrought from JOB, 1896, Alphonse Mucha 


Monday, March 29, 2010

Puzzle by John Dunn, edited by Will Shortz

IN THE CROSSHAIRS (38A. Fixed as a target or a hint to four pairs of intersecting answers in this puzzle), BEARD and POMPADOUR (5D. Abraham Lincoln feature; 17A. Elvis Presley feature), MANES and BANGS (11D. Jon Bon Jovi and Tina Turner features; 19A. Mamie Eisenhower feature), PLAIT and BRAID (51D. Pippi Longstocking feature; 60A. Willie Nelson feature) and LOCKS and SPIT CURLS (53D. Rapunzel feature; 62A. Betty Boop and Superman features) are the interrelated group of this wonderfully woolly Monday crossword.

Other — APPAREL and ATTIRED (49A. Clothing; 30A. Clad), DIABLO (55A. Spanish devil), EVADED (10D. Got around), NEMESES (25A. Formidable opponents), ORBITS (46D. Circles, as the earth), PARSNIPS (8D. Cousins of carrots), REALISTS (40D. They see things as they are), RIPEST (21A. At the peak of maturity, as an apple), SATIRE (45D. Lampoon), SODA POP (45A. Sugary drink), STOP AT (6D. Pull into).

Five-letter — AMBLE, ANGLE, CEDED, FLAME (14A. Hot love interest), IVANA, KNIFE, LOIRE (64A. France’s longest river), MESHY, PASTS, PERON, REMAP, SAUCY, SCRUB, SOBAD, TERMS, TROMP, YEMEN, “YES OR no?”

Short stuff — ADS, AERO, ALFA, ALOT, APED, ASIA, CLOD, DDS, DELT, DER, DIME, DINA, DWI, EDNA, ETCH, ISNT, LAND, MELT, OUTS, PELT (47D. Throw things at), RAMS, RELO, RENT, RIB, RMPS, SDS, SEEM, SFPD, STP, TAU, TET, TRA, TRIB, TRUE, UMP, UNO, USED, WREN (36D. Bird that perches with its tail erect).

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Wash very hard; 6. “The racer’s edge”; 9. Chart anew; 15. ___-la-la; 16. The former Mrs. Trump; 20. Tooth specialist’s deg.; 23. Shoulder muscle, informally; 24. Author Ferber; 27. Scads; 34. Tach readings; 35. Drinker’s road offense, for short; 42. Commercials; 43. Appear to be; 44. Its capital is Sana; 48. Apartment dweller’s payment; 52. Move, in Realtor-speak; 54. Opposite of freeze; 57. T in a fraternity; 65. Asian New Year; 66. Weapon in Clue; 67. Step into; 68. Grp. That opposed the Vietnam War; 69. Not ___ (middling). DOWN: 1. Dirty Harry’s employer: Abbr.; 2. Dirt clump; 3. Ewes’ mates; 4. Caller of strikes and balls, for short; 7. T on a test; 9. Tease; 12. It’s measured in degrees; 13. They may be sordid; 18. Actress Merrill; 22. Contract provisions; 24. Impress, as in the memory; 26. Like a net; 27. Part of Istanbul is in it; 28. Real estate; 29. What tagging a runner and catching a fly ball result in; 31. Give a shellacking; 35. Coin with F.D.R.’s profile; 36. Bird that perches with its tail erect; 37. George Harrison’s “___ It a Pity”; 39. Surrendered; 41. Prefix with dynamic; 49. Mosey along; 50. Juan of Argentina; 56. Parroted; 57. Chi-town paper with “the”; 58. ___ Romeo; 59. Preowned; 61. Architect Mies van ___ Rohe; 63. Game with Skip and Draw 2 cards.

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