03.04.10 — Mixed Metaphor

Asp (Cleo Nefertiti) by Patrick Zircher 

Little is known of the Asp, including her origins and nature of her powers.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Puzzle by David J. Kahn, edited by Will Shortz

MIXED METAPHOR (14D. Answer to each of the six starred clues, literally), MOP HATER, OTHER MAP, MORE PHAT, HOME PART, ROME PATH and TOP MAHER are the interrelated group of this intriguing Thursday crossword. With asterisks, question-marked clues aspire to justify the resulting anagrams of METAPHOR -- *One who dislikes unruly hair?, *Alternative way to get directions?, *Better, in hip-hop slang?, *Kitchen or living room?, *Via Veneto? and *Be funnier than comedian Bill?

Otherwise, the clues are fairly straightforward -- Masked men with blades are NHL GOALIES; Mary’s charge, a LITTLE LAMB; Bygone emporium, DIME STORE, EX-PATRIOT, Football’s Adam Vinatieri, e.g. PEW and PRIE-DIEU share P’s and knees, but different clues -- (36A. Church perch, 36D. Devotional bench). A separate pair are TOO FAST (6A. How kids grow up, it’s often said) and BALLOON (5D. Swell). Apart from that, ASHAMED (42D. Red-faced), DRAWINGS (28A. Artist’s portfolio) and SUBURBIA (43A. “American Beauty” setting) are the other long entries leading into song with INTO YOU (63A. 2003 hi-hop hit by Fabolous) and TOMORROW (6D. Song sung by an orphan).

Short stuff -- ABM, ALOU, ALT, AMO, APPT, ASP (47. Villainous member of the Serpent Society, in Marvel Comics), ATOM smasher, DHL and DOH, ELLA in London“ (jazz album), EPOS, ESL, ESSO, EXON, FAT, GALE, IKEA, LALO (55D. “Fiesque” composer), LET, MOHS, MEX, OHS, OLAS, OPE, OXO, RPO and RHO, SERE, STAR, TAY, TREX, TSE, YEA and YETI (50A. Hairy Himalayan).

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Remaining clues: ACROSS: 1. Proceed without notes, say; 15. Spy satellite’s acquisition; 17. ___ position; 18. Housewares brand; 19. Felipe Calderón’s land: Abbr.; 20. Night class subj.; 26. Heroic verse; 35. Spanish waves; 44. Canadian station sign; 50. 39-Down vote; 53. FedEx rival; 54. Half of a 1980s sitcom duo; 60. Sewers have them; 62. Pick; 64. Pharmacy units. DOWN: 1. Subtitle of many biographies; 2. The majority of Jutlanders; 4. Retail giant founded by a 17-year-old; 7. Expose, poetically; 8. Sounds of surprise; 9. Stout; 11. Very dry; 12. “The Lost World” menace; 16. Play-___; 22. Literary monogram; 23. Chip, maybe; 24. Amaze; Affected one; 30. Big blow?; 31. Alpha, beta or gamma; 32. Eponymous scale developer; 33. Diamond family name; 39. Voting 50-Across; 40. 1972 treaty subj.; 41. Judge’s cry; 46. Pilot’s abbr.; 49. Gadflies, e.g.; 51. Nebraska senator succeeded by Hagel; 52. Datebook entry: Abbr.; 57. I love, to Livy; 58. Scotland’s Firth of ___; 59. Greek character.

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Anonymous said...

RASHTEMPO -- Novice conductor's overzealousness?
HARTPOEMS -- Verses from Rodgers' partner?
MOTSHAPER -- Writer of witty remarks?
POSHMATER -- Well-to-do Paddington parent?
MOPHATERS -- Grousing swabbies?
POSTERHAM -- Miss Piggy as a pinup?
MATHPOSER -- Tough numerical problem?