03.08.10 — Four Seasons

Four Seasons by Alphonse Mucha


Puzzle by Stanley Newman, edited by Will Shortz

Spring, summer, fall and winter are contained in COLORADO SPRINGS (16A. Home of the Air Force Academy), BUFFY SUMMERS (27A. Vampire slayer of film and TV), WICHITA FALLS (45A. City in 21-Across) (we’re not in Kansas anymore) and JONATHAN WINTERS (60A. Comedic inspiration for Robin Williams), the interrelated group of this Monday crossword for all seasons (plural or no plural, take your pick).

Seven-letter -- ABANDON (65A. Leave high and dry); ALLURES (15A. Draws in); AMIABLY (26D. In a cordial way); ATE INTO (66A. Eroded); CASSAVA (7A. Tapioca source); CHEERIO (33A. Brit’s goodbye); DEBTORS (43A. Writers of i.o.u.’s); IRON ORE (14A. Raw material for a steel factory); RETASTE (67A. Take another sip of); SHA NA NA (42D. Musical group with its own 1977-81 TV show); SUITS ME (10D. “I have no problem with that”); SURFEIT (23D. Overabundance).

Six -- ARCANE (46D. Esoteric); ARISES (41A. Comes into play); CASTES (7D. Social divisions in India); FIESTA (28D. Big Spanish celebration); NIECES (36A. Nephews’ counterparts); PROPER (1A Capitalized, as a noun); TUNNEL (25D. Path for a mole); YEASTS (68A. Bread bakers’ buys).

Five -- AGENT (50D. Representative), ATARI (48A. Big name in video arcades), PROVE (1D. Show to be true), ROLEX (2D. Watch with a flexible wristband), TEXAS (21A. State that was once a republic), TORTS (51D. Law school course), 49A. Literature Nobelist William Butler YEATS, ZETAS (24A. Letters after epsilons).

Short stuff -- ABE, ADA, AJAR, ALAN, ALP, ANA and ANAT, ARNO, ASST, BWAY, CITE, CLAW, CNBC, ECHO, EPIC, ERAS, Adam and EVE, FEE, Huckleberry FINN, FOE, GOO, Mata HARI (W.W. I spy), HAT and HOT, LAP, LOBE, NEA, ONO, OOZY, POR, REAR, REDO, SLR, SOOT, SOSO, SSTS, TDS, TIS and TSE, TOAT, VEGA (12D. Bright northern star).

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Remaining clues -- ACROSS: 19. Chimney grime; 20. Fit ___ (be perfect on); 37. Once around the track; 38. Service charge; 39. Santa ___ winds; 40. Stetson or sombrero; 53. Chester Arthur’s middle name; 56. “Mad Money” network; 59. Slime. DOWN: 3. John Lennon’s middle name; 4. ___ favor (Spanish “please”); 5. Big slices of history; 6. Make over; 8. Swiss peak; 9. Camera type, for short; 11. River of Florence; 12. Bright northern star; 13. Aide: Abbr.; 14. Rapper/actor on “Law &^ Order: SVU”; 17. Seeping; 22. Honest ___ (presidential moniker); 29. Enemy; 30. Sound heard in a canyon; 31. Front’s opposite; 32. Old trans-Atlantic jets for short; 33. Animal’s nail; 35. Of sweeping proportions; 39. Tooth doctors’ org.; 44. Mao ___-tung; 47. 52. Middling; 53. Not quite shut; 54. Ear part; 55. Sci. course for a doctor-to-be; 57. Street through Times Sq.; 58. Give as an example; 61. Six-point scores, for short; 62. Just off the grill; 63. Teachers’ union, in brief; 64. “___ the season to be jolly.”

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