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Sunday, March 7, 2010

COME TO ORDER, Puzzle by Tony Orbach and Patrick Blindauer, edited by Will Shortz

A TO Z (120D. The works … or how each set of circled letters in this puzzle is arranged), along with  eight words of familiar phrases in circled letters put into alphabetical order with the result of changed phrases, given justifying clues, constitutes the interrelated group of this pleasurable but ponderous Sunday crossword:

HOPS TIL YOU DROP (26A. Slogan encouraging binge drinking?)
TENNIS BELOW (42A. What spectators high up in Ashe Stadium see?)
SUPER DEMO (45A. Tutorial on becoming a resident manager?)
THE HINT MAN (69A. Alex Trebek?)
GREEN ACERS (73A. Eco-friendly computers from Taiwan?)
OPRY MANIA (98A. Nashville neurosis?)
FLOW WHISTLE (101A. Teakettle’s sound?)
A HOST IN THE DARK (117A. Clueless emcee?)

MAE WEST and W C FIELDS make an appearance (99D. Portrayer of Flower Belle Lee and Peaches O’Day and 16D. Portrayer of Cuthbert J. Twillie and Egbert Souse) (both of “My Little Chickadee”) in this many-peopled puzzle. The crossword cast -- ALEC (89D. Twin vampire in “The Twilight Saga”); ALTHEA (20A. 1957 Wimbledon winner Gibson); DALI (119D. Subject of a museum in Figueres, Spain); ED KOCH (49A. Congressman who went on to be mayor of New York); ELMO (2D. Citizen of Sesame Street); ELOISE (125A. Daniel’s mother on “Lost”); ERMA (57D. Franklin who sang “Piece of My Heart”); GEER (85A. Will who played Grandpa Walton); an IMAM (82D. Mosqued man?); a KLUTZ (65A. Butterfingers); LOEB (27D. Leopold’s partner in crime; LOUIS VI (127A. French king called “the Fat”); NEIMAN (28. Business partner of Marcus); NERO (41D. Franco of “Camelot”); NOLTE (111D. Golden Globe-winning actor who was People’s 1992 Sexiest Man Alive); NORAH (75D. Grammy winner Jones), MICHENER (97D. Pulitzer winner for “Tales of the South Pacific”); ODETS (48D. “Waiting for Lefty” playwright); OLAN (14D. “The Good Earth” heroine); PIAF (78D. Cotilland’s “La Vie en Rose” role); RON (60A. Harry’s chum at Hogwarts); RONIN (76A. 1998 De Niro film); SAHIB (6D. Colonial word for “master,” in India) VEIDT (10D. Conrad of “Casablanca”); ZEKE (86D. Bratkowski in the Packers Hall of Fame).

Other -- ALLUSION (9D. Casual reference); ANAHEIM (100D. Angels are at home there); BIG LEAD (123A. Giant advantage, scorewise); ECSTASY (68D. Rhapsody); ERECTED (130A. Put up); GLOATING (95D. Bad winner’s response); GOOD / WILL (85D. With 44-Down, kindness), GNOCCHI (37D. Food whose name means “lumps”); GRUYERE (7D. Swiss district known for its cheese); NOW WHAT (13A. “And?”); PLICATE (22A. Folded like a fan); RAN FREE (25A. Escaped); STROKES (12D. Certain crew training), SYSTOLIC (91D. Having a rhythmically recurrent contraction); TECTONIC (5D. Like some plates); WINE BAR (15D. Place to sample bouquets of roses?), WITNESS (102D. Court reporter).

Mid-size -- ALEPH; ALIGN; AMATOL (96A. Explosive mixture); ARGUE; ARROWS (115A. They point the way); ATEAT; BESTS; CHIMP; COWER, CRANIA (110A. Head cases?); CYNIC (108A. Jaded sort); DEPOT (67A. Pickup line locale?), ELOPE; ENDER; ENERO; EPINAL (40A. French city on the Moselle River); “God IS OUR refuge …”; GRAVES (7A. Cross sites, often); HARMS; HEARTS; HOTEP (70D. Egyptian for “be at peace”); IN A TIE; ITUNES; KNEES; MELODY, MERGES, MINOR; NONPC; PEPUP; PRIOR; PRIZES; RELENT; RIPER; SABLE; SAMPAN (104A. Chinese craft); SHOWN; SMOOCH (22A. Smack); SPATE; STOKER; TEENS; TIARA; TOUGH (51D. “Too bad, so sad!”); UGLIER.

Short stuff -- ALL, ATEM, ATOP, ATTN, DID, ELKS (39D. Game with racks), EREI, HASH, INKS, ISEE, KEYS, KIN, KNIT, LEDA (35D. 13th moon of Jupiter), LEI, LOL, LTR, MASC, MOT, NDAK, NPR, OBOE, Mount ODIN (highest point on Baffin Island), ONE (62A. Number of states whose last two letters are its own postal abbreviation), OWES, PER, POLI, REGO, RHOS, RIDE, SAGO, SAVE, SLID, TAPA, TECH, TEES, WET and WNET, YTD.

Oh, and who could forget… TRY TO Remember” 

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Remaining clues - ACROSS: 1. Quarter deck?; 24. More homely; 30. Wind up on the stage?; 31. Steamship hand; 33. Conquers; 34. Set straight; 38. ‘ … ___ saw Elba”; 50. Make a muffler, maybe; 52. By means of; 53. Got home in a cloud of dust; 54. Like “el” or “le”: Abbr.; 55. Is light; 58. Online “Ha!”; 63. Show fear; 77. Character in the Torah; 79. Nuts; 80. Abbr. on a pay stub; 81. Brethren; 84. You might bow your head when receiving one; 88. Appetizer abroad; 90. Casual tops; 92. Dictionnaire entry; 94. Starchy stuff; 107. Outpouring; 113. ___ support; 126. Even; 128. Apple product since 2001; 129 Series of notes; 131 Comes together; 132. Midway enticements. DOWN: 1. Jumble; 3. Surmounting; 4. P’s, but not Q’s; 8. ___ Park (Queens neighborhood); 11. Month that includes Capricornio; 13. Big inits. In news; 17. Damages; 18. Really rankled; 19. New voters, often; 28. Add zing to; 32. More mature; 34. “Lemme ___!”; 36. Contents of some cartridges; 43. On display; 46. Skip the service, say; 47. Not serious; 56. Like some noodles; 59. Common Amer. paper size; 51. Intl. Peace Garden state; 64. Sow sound; 65. Some midpoints; 71. Rear-___; 72. Wisk alternative; 74. Inits. In the classifieds; 83. Sexist or ethnically stereotyping; 87. Abbr. at the top of a memo; 88. ___ sci; 93. Diamond holder; 103. PBS flagship station; 107. Shade of black; 108. Earlier conviction; 109. State one’s case; 114. Zoo attraction; 116. Computer command; 118. “Ah”; 121. Tease; 122. Pocket jinglers; 124. Carried out.

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