03.13.10 — Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Three Witches, 1827 by Alexandre-Marie Colin


"Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing,--
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble."

— Macbeth (IV, i, 14-15) Wm. Shakespeare


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Puzzle by Tyler Hinman and Byron Walden, edited by Will Shortz

Across: 1. Debut Olympian of 2008, BMXER; 6. Dish served with Roquefort cheese, COBB SALAD; 15. Tropical vine, LIANE; 16. Treasure State’s motto, aptly, ORO Y PLATA; 17. Andy Warhol subject, ELVIS; 18. Easily past, WELL ABOVE; 19. Had trouble with, as icy roads, SLID ON; 21. What wavy lines often represent, ODORS; 22. “Let’s SEE”; 23. Film director WES Anderson; 25. Fell hard, with “it”, ATE; 26. It might be physical: Abbr., SCI; 29. Shaker’s cry, BRR; 31. They’re often seen on scoreboards, for short, LEDS; 33. “The Sirens of TITAN,” Kurt Vonnegut novel; 35. Alcohol, it’s said, SOCIAL LUBRICANT; 38. Hepburn and Tracy shared one, TRUE LIFE ROMANCE; 39. Aromatic plant native to the Pyrenees, ENGLISH LAVENDER; 40. Kind of pudding, PEASE; 41. Ab ESSE (absent: Lat.); 42. “TIL There Was You” (1997 film); 43. Flier with delta wings, SST; 44. Arm supporters, for short, NRA; 46. They often get rings: Abbr., SRS; 48. Brand follower?, NEW; 50. Refrain from singing when you’re happy?, TRA LA; 52. Tea originally wrapped in foil, SALADA; 54. Plato and others, SOCRATICS; 58. Ulexite is rich in it, BORON; 59. Pope when the Visigoths seized Rome, INNOCENT I; 60. Poker player’s declaration, I’M OUT; 61. Title IX concern, GENDER GAP; 62. Ones with bewitching eyes?, NEWTS.

Down: 1. Smile on, BLESS; 2. Game with hazards, safeties and remedies, MILLE BORNES; 3. Entertainer who was the first man to be married at Caesars Palace, XAVIER CUGAT; 4. Personification of purity, in literature, ENID; 5. Make seedier?, RESOW; 6. Make chicken, COW; 7. It has 12 flowers on each side, OREO; 8. Overly confident, BOLD AS BRASS; 9. One way to break ties, BY LOT; 10. Result of a break, SPARE TIME; 11. Garments covered by amices, ALBS; 12. Language written with no spaces between words, LAO; 13. Mud bogger’s purchase, briefly, ATV; 14. “Lost” actor Daniel DAE Kim; 20. Air Force base near Las Vegas, NELLIS; 24. Holistic medicine top, SELF-HEALING; 26. Line up, STAND IN A ROW; 27. Simplified, in a way, CANCELED OUT; 28. Start to change?, INTER; 30. Cambodian ash, RIELS; 32. They often have seconds, DUELS; 34. Turndown from the overcommitted, I CAN’T; 35. Salsa ingredients?, STEPS; 36. Vulcans, e.g., ALIEN RACE; 37. NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity, ROVERS; 45. Michelin, for one, RATER; 47. Albert with a National Medal of Science, SABIN; 49. List in a wish list, WANTS; 50. Put shoes on?, TROD; 51. They’re found within minutes, ACTA; 53. Capital on the Gulf of Guinea, LOME; 54. Foreign Mr., SIG; 55. The same partner?, ONE; 56. “American Morning” home, CNN; 57. Spoonful, maybe, SIP.

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