03.22.10 — Taking on Monday...

Brunhilde from the The Ring 1910 by Arthur Rackham 


Over hill, over dale,
Through bush, through briar,
Over park, over pale,
Through blood, through fire,
I do wander everywhere…
— A Midsummer Night's Dream

Monday, March 22, 2010

Puzzle by Andrea Carla Michaels, edited by Will Shortz

LADE (35D. Stow, as cargo … or an anagram of the last word of 17-, 35- or 52-Across), OVER HILL AND DALE (17A. All around, as on a trip), LET’S MAKE A DEAL (35A. TV show with many doors), TAKE OVER THE LEAD (52A. Move into first place in a race) are the interrelated group of this sweet Monday crossword.

People in the puzzle — DDE (1A. J.F.K.’s predecessor), DEVITO (2D. Danny of “Throw Momma From the Train”), ERROL (30A. Dashing actor Flynn), GAL (6D. Guy’s date) and GIRLIE (23A. Young and feminine), GRAMM (23D. Former Texas senator Phil), 24D “IRMA la Douce”, KAREN and KAREEM (51A. Richard’s partner in the Carpenters, 42D. N.B.A.’s Abdul-Jabbar), MEN (62A. Fellows) and PAL (48D. Chum), OREL (27D. Pitcher Hershiser), REX (14A. Film critic Reed), ROGET (4A. Thesaurus creator; ROOKIES (25D. First-year players), SAM I AM (38A. Last words of “Green Eggs and Ham”), and a SCAMP (61A. Rascal).

Other — DIASPORA (11D. Scattering of an ethnic group) and EMBARKED (36D. Started out on, as a journey) bring to mind…

Six-letter — DROVES (1D. Herds), EXERTS (3D. Applies, as pressure), ICE AGE (43D. Period of advancing glaciers), SENSOR (46A. Heat detector, e.g.), SNEERS (41D. Contemptuous looks), SORREL (33A. Horse color), TENDON (44D. Sinew), 8D. Buddy Holly’s “THAT’LL Be the Day”.


Short stuff — AHA (“That‘s brilliant!”), ATIE, BORE and BRER, DSL and ESL, EGO, ELSA, ENDO, ENV, ETTE, HEED and HEM, IDBE, KELP, KIT, “There is NO I in team“, OBI, ODER, PACE, PEA, POT, RAHS, REC, RUE, SIP, SOS, TEL, TSP, TVA, UNDO and ”YEE-haw!” (cry of delight).

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 9. Roil, as the waters; 15. Embarrass; 16. Licorice flavoring; 20. Common cold cause; 21. Spanish bulls; 22. Suffix with disk; 26. Money on a poker table; 29. “Hel-l-lp!”; 31. Ho-hum sort; 39. Get by logic; 40. “___ a fool to …”; 41. Passover meal; 42. Caboodle’s partner; 45. Sleepless princess’ bane; 46. Heat detector, e.g.; 48. Walk a hole in the carpet, maybe; 49. River of Arles; 57. Pillowcase accompanier; 58. Celebrate boisterously; 59. Sense of self-importance; 60. Rice field. DOWN: 4. Stadium cheers; 5. Kabuki sash; 7. Night school subj.; 10. Reverse, as an action; 12. Internet connection faster than dial-up; 18. Street, in Paris; 28. ___ Aviv; 30. “Born Free” lioness); 31. Title before Rabbit or Fox; 32. End in ___ (come out even); 33. More secure; 34. German/Polish border river; 37. Prefix with skeleton; 38. Tiniest drink; 46. Like Santa’s suit after going through the chimney; 47. Letter holder: Abbr.; 50. Follow, as advice; 51. Seaweed used as food; 52. Recipe amt.; 54. ___ center (community facility), 55. Energy inits. In the South; 56. Bottom line?

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