03.21.10 — Stop! — the Diagramless


Sunday, March 21, 2010

DIAGRAMLESS, Puzzle by Patrick Blindauer, edited by Will Shortz

Stop is the clue for AMTRAK DEPOT, CRY FROM THE TICKLED, PERIOD IN A TELEGRAM and ORGAN HANDLE in this diagramless Sunday crossword.

Empty corners and a helter-skelter arrangement of the empty squares within the grid mischievously keep a solver from divining a pattern with any haste. The starting point, six squares in across, the first clue (1. Restrain, as a dog), LEASH comes to mind with a few possible variations, but no, this is a tough dog that we CHAIN UP!

CLYDE BARROW and MILTON BERLE (12D. Warren Beatty film role, 14D. “Uncle” of old TV) are featured among puzzle personalities who are all nice enough if one can just find out where they belong — CAINE (37D. Michael of Hollywood), COLT (34A. 19th-century gunsmith Samuel), DEALERS (67A. Casino personnel), EISNER (52D. Michael of Hollywood), ESAI (54A. Actor Morales), ICKES (36A. Clinton adviser Harold), LADIES (28A. Sign on a door), ROBERT (47D. Singer Plant of Led Zeppelin), SRAS (15D. Married mujeres: Abbr.), TOM (45D. Becky’s beau, in literature), TORK (11D. Peter of the Monkees) who is also in today’s main Sunday crossword, clued as the blond Monkee.

Other — AIRFIELD (10D. Area observed from a tower), CARD GAME (34D. War, e.g.), CHICK PEAS (18D. Hummus base), DIAGNOSIS (8A. Doctor’s determination), IN ORBIT (42A. Like satellites), I SEE NOW (31A. “It’s clear to me at last”) and TAKE A PEEK (66A. Glance at), RENT and WILL I (23D. Best Musical of 1996, 32D. 23-Down song whose title asks a question).

Mid-size — CIVIL, DENOM, HARLEM (2D. Where to find the Apollo), HI DE HO (42A. Cab Calloway catchphrase), RELIES, SITARS (29A. Raga instruments), SETTE and SOMME, SONICS (9D. Former Seattle team, for short), TARSI (25D. Ankle bones), WHEEL.

Short stuff — AGA, ALD, APR, BLT, CITI, CLI, COMB, CTRS, DMV (8D. Org. known for its long lines), EGAD (57D. “Zounds!”), ESCS, FED, FLAP, IHAD, IMHO, INK, IRIS and IRS, JAN, JOIE de vivre, LAKE, MLK, NHL, NOD, ODES, OPEC, OSO, PIPE, SEAL, SLR, STA and STS (48D. Subway stop: Abbr., 17D. Subway stop names, usually: Abbr.), TAO and TAP, TOAD, USED — and the brilliant juxtaposition of HAL and an APE (64- and 65-Down. ”2001” character).

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Remaining clues -- ACROSS: 12. The “C” in A.C.L.U.; 13. Meth. Or Presb.; 15. Camera inits.; 16. Certain computer keys: Abbr.; 20. Camera part; 30. Chinese “way”; 33. Municipal bldgs.; 35. Lunch order, quickly; 38. First of 12: Abbr.; 39. Creature that hibernates; 41. Try to get off the ground, say; 46. Fourth of 12: Abbr.; 53. Lock pick?; 55. Council member: Abbr.; 56. Roulette centerpiece; 59. French river to the English Channel. DOWN: 1. ___ Field (Shea replacement); 3. Turkish title; 4. Pen filler; 5. Affirmative action; 6. Like garage sale items; 7. Prop for Frosty the Snowman; 19. Sicilian seven; 21. Circus performer; 22. Roman 151; 24. Bear: Sp.; 26. Auditing org.; 27. Speckle; 39. Strike lightly; 40. 12-nation cartel; 41. Inserted money in, as a parking meter; 43. Org. with six Canadian members; 44. “If ___ a Hammer”; 51. “If you ask me,” in chat room lingo; 58. Many a camp locale; 60. Pindaric poetry; 61. ___ Day (natl. holiday since 1986); 63. PBS supporter.

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DONALD said...

The filled-in grid takes the shape of an octagonal stop sign.