03.19.10 — Potpourri


Friday, March 19, 2010

Puzzle by Trip Payne, edited by Will Shortz

Across: 1. Land grant, of a sort, SHORE LEAVE; 11. “The Praise of Chimney-Sweepers” writer, ELIA; 15. Person with a shaky story?, HULA DANCER; 16. Dosage units, RADS; 17. Thanksgiving symbol, INDIAN CORN; 18. Drill instructors, e.g.: Abbr., NCOS; 19. Viscosity symbols, ETAS; 20. Joyner joiner?, KERSEE; 22. Bitter herb, RUE; 23. Jason of “I Love You, Man”, SEGEL; 25. They change people’s profiles, NOSE JOBS; 27. Subject of Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution, TREASON; 30. They may be charitable, TRUSTS; 31. Schaefer alternative, STROHS; 34. OSSIE Davis of “Evening Shade”; 35. Fancy follower, THAT; 38. Top, ONE-UP; 40. Coup de TETE (sudden impulse: Fr.); 41. Spiral staircase, essentially, HELIX; 43. One way to travel, ON FOOT; 45. “The Way I Am” autobiographer, 2008, EMINEM; 47. Person from Moscow, IDAHOAN; 51. They hold on to things, PACK RATS; 54. Physicist with a unit of distance named after him, FERMI; 55. AT A stretch; 56. Went around in circles, perhaps, SKATED; 59. Weakens, SAPS; 60. Like potpourri, sometimes, PINY; 62. Counts, ENUMEATES; 64. Bluesy James, ETTA; 65. Spy’s device, MINI CAMERA; 66. Be a stinker, REEK; 67. 1952 best seller set in California, EAST OF EDEN.

Down: 1. Lease likely to take command, SHIEST; 2. Hide seeker?, HUNTER; 3. What the fortunate reach, OLD AGE; 4. Complain loudly, RAISE A STINK; 5. Author EDA LeShan; 6. Thin, LANK; 7. Ending with prefer, ENCE; 8. Voter registration grp. Founded in 1970, ACORN; 9. Left to the editor?, VERSO; 10. Companion of Algernon in an Oscar Wilde play, ERNEST; 11. South end?, ERN; 12. It was last an official Olympic event in 1908, LACROSSE; 13. Skeptical response, I DOUBT IT; 14. Person who’s been charged, ASSESSEE; 21. First name in design, EERO; 24. Allied transport, for short, LST; 28. Plata’s partner, ORO; 29. It just isn’t done, NONO; 32. Female octopus, HEN; 33. Religious mystic, SUFI; 35. 1994 Michael Keaton film in which real journalists have cameo roles, THE PAPER; 35. Main ore of iron, HEMATITE; 37. Spanish seaport, ALICANTE; 39. Sheller’s discard, POD; 42. Gen XERS (demographic group); 44. Bozo, OAF; 46. “You and whose army?!”, MAKE ME; 48. Gave out one’s address?, ORATED; 49. A in physics?, AMPERE; 50. Pathfinder producer, NISSAN; 52. Patty Hearst alias, TANIA; 53. Blows the mind of, STUNS; 57. Broadcast, EMIT; 58. Roaring Twenties look, ART DECO; 61. Tibetan wolf’s prey, YAK; 63. “Battle of Britain” grp., RAF.

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