09.07.14 — All Encompassing

Sunday, September 7, 2014

"All Encompassing"  Puzzle by Tracy Gray and Jeff Chen
Edited by Will Shortz

This perfectly friendly Sunday crossword features a compass in the center of the puzzle  with the directional points touching upon the letters N, E, S and W and further, eight symmetrical squares containing WE across and NS down as follows:

I S[WE]AR (17A. “No lie!”) with U[NS]ER (8D. Big name in auto racing)
FOUL [WE]ATHER (30A. Nasty storm, e.g.) with CLEA[NS] HOUSE (3D. Kicks everyone out, say)
ORSON [WE]LLES (33A. Film director who said “I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time”) with ACOR[N S]QUASH (13D. Cousin of a zucchini)
T[WE]EN (63A. Fan of pop’s One Direction, maybe) with SE[NS]EI (50D. Karate instructor)
YA[WE]D (6A. Veered off course) with TE[NS]OR (57d. Stretching muscle)
BOLL [WE]EVILS (98A. Southern farm concern) with COMMO[N S]ENSE (66D. Dodo’s lack)
DON’T S[WE]AT IT (100A. “No need to worry”) with LOST I[N S]PACE (73D. 1960s sci-fi series)
AD[WE]EK (115A. Marketing news magazine) with ER[NS]T (105D. Noted Dadaist)

Other — ASK AROUND (7D. Get several views); BORNEO (77A. Island in Pacific W.W. II fighting); JUNKETS (20A. Some politicians’ trips); LANDSLIDE (76D. Blowout win); REAR-ENDED (59A. Hit from behind); REDREW (34D. Gerrymandered, e.g.); RENAULT (1A. He walked away with Blaine in “Casablanca”); TEAMS (11A. Eagles, Falcons and Cardinals); “THEIR Satanic Majesties Request“  (Rolling Stones album).


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