09.14.14 — Spoonerisms

Caricature of Charles H. Workman.
Caption reads “Through every passion raging”.

Accompanying biography read “The only part of him which gets tired is his tongue, and occasionally the oft-repeated lines have got muddled.  ‘Self-constricted ruddles,’ his striggles were terruffic’, and deloberately rib me’ are a few of the spoonerisms he has perpetrated.  Success has not spoilt him.  He is a professional humourist who has been known to make an Englishman laugh at breakfast”.Wikipedia 


Sunday, September 14, 2014

“Celebrity Spoonerisms”  — Puzzle by Tony Orbach and Patrick Blindauer
Edited by Will Shortz

This Sunday’s fairly amiable crossword aims low and hits bottom with a thud featuring nine spoonerisms that utilize “celebrity” names to rib inconsequential phrases:

  • CAINE PILLAR (26A. Actor Michael’s means of support?), e.g., pain killer
  • FEY HEALED (28A. Comic Tina recovered from her wound?), hay field
  • LEE SCION (42A. Heir of martial artist Bruce?), sea lion
  • FIRTH BOTHER (52A. Annoyance for actor Colin?), birth father
  • GERE BOGGLES (68A. Thunderstruck critic’s review for actor Richard?), beer goggles
  • SHEEN CLEATS (88A. What actor Martin calls his athletic footwear?), clean sheets
  • WEST MYTH (97A. Urban legend about rapper Kanye?), messed with
  • BYRNE TACK (114A. Musician David’s equestrian accouterments?), turn back
  • POEHLER SOUR (117A. Tart cocktail named for comic Amy?), solar power

Other — ARSENIC (123A. Suspected cause of Napoleon’s death), EVANESCENT (44D. Ephemeral), ITASCA (101D. Lake that’s the source of the Mississippi), KEEP GOING (6D. “Don’t stop!“), OH HAPPY DAY (39D. “Praise the Lord!“), ON SALE NOW (86D. Tempting words for shopaholics), PHEASANT (16D. Partridge family member). SPACEK (1A. Sissy who‘s not a sissy).


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