09.28.14 — Four by Four

The Berlin Wall was placed in Berlin, Germany at the end of World War II to separate East Germany from West Germany


Sunday, September 28, 2014

“Four by Four” —  Puzzle by Todd Gross / Edited by Will Shortz

Six phrases containing four-word-long phrases, each word being of four letters, constitutes the main feature of this Sunday crossword:

SAME TIME NEXT YEAR (23A. 1975 Tony-nominated play about an extended affair)
SALT LAKE CITY UTAH (46A. The Crossroads of the West)
WITH ARMS WIDE OPEN (92A. Warm way to welcome someone)
LESS TALK MORE ROCK (119A. Common slogan for a music radio station)
HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH (16D. “Don’t be ashamed”)
TEAR DOWN THIS WALL (36D. Reagan’s challenge to Gorbachev) 

Other — AESOP (77A. Writer painted by Velazquez), ANABOLIC (20. Kind of steroid), JOAN OF ARC (80A. Historic figure with a reputation at stake), EVA LARUE (125A. “CSI: Miami” actress), IMARETS (9A. Ottoman inns), MAHARAJA (1A. Bygone potentate), NO-GOODNIK (70D. Bum), PESCI (105D. Oscar-winning actor whose name is Italian for “fishes”), SHOFAR (63D. Synagogue instrument), WILD CARD (128A. Unpredictable one).


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