09.03.14 — Head Starts


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins / Edited by Will Shortz

HEAD STARTS (59A. Race advantages … or a hint to 17-, 23-, 38- and 49-Across), CAN, PRIVY, W C and JOHN constitute the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword:

CAN OF WORMS (17A. Metaphorical mess)
PRIVY COUNCIL (23A. Monarch’s advisers)
W C HANDY (38A. “St Louis Blues” composer)
JOHN F KENNEDY (49A. Only president to win a Pulitzer)

Other — DAKTARI (26A. 1960s TV show featuring the cross-eyed lion Clarence), EAST SIDE (53A. Manhattan region), ISAAC STERN (11D. Musician with a Presidential Medal of Freedom), KAZAKHSTAN (28D. Former Soviet republic), LANTANA (42D. Showy flower), OCEANIA (47A. Micronesia’s home), MAGENTA (10D. Burgundy relative), RECREATE (21A. Stage, say), ROSCOE (9D. Mobster‘s gun), VICHY (25D. French spa locale).


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