09.22.14 — Spare the ROD

Monday, September 22, 2014

Puzzle by Ian Livengood / Edited by Will Shortz

STICK, POLE, CANE, STAFF and ROD, found at the starts of the following, constitutes the interrelated group of this dandy Monday crossword:

STICK-UP MEN (17A. Bank heist group)
CANE SUGAR (24A. Sweet rum component)
POLE CAR (37A. Indy 500 leader)
STAFF CUTS (47A. Company downsizings)
ROD STEWART (57A. British rocker with the 1979 #1 hit “Da Ya Think I‘m Sexy?”)

Other — AVAIL and AVILA, A WEE BIT (25D. Not very much), COME GET ME (11D. “I’m stranded and need a ride”), ENFORCE (41D. Carry out, as a law), GANG WAR (43D. Fight over turf), LOOS (29D. Eton johns), NECK TIE (4d. Item not worn on casual Fridays), PUTS ASIDE (33D. Takes off the burner), STATURE (10D. Height), TOE TAG (35A. Morgue identification).


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