09.06.14 — On the Run

Road Runner, American cartoon character, a speedy, slender, blue and purple bird who continually frustrated the efforts of a coyote (Wile e. Coyote) to catch him. ~ Encyclopaedia Britannica 


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Puzzle by James Mulhern / Edited by Will Shortz

Meep, meep!

Across —1. Big chain closed on Sundays, CHICK FIL A; 10. Person lacking foresight?, MYOPE; 15. Version of a song that’s shorter or cleaner than the original, RADIO EDIT; 16. Point of origin for some flights, AERIE; 17. Nobody’s opposite, ONE AND ALL; 18. Overly talkative, GASSY; 19. Cause of many unwelcome lines, AGE; 20. “Uh-huh”, YEH; 21. Ratso’s given name, ENRICO; 22. First name at the U.N., once, KOFI; 24. Predigital beeper?, ROAD RUNNER; 27. Display, EVINCE; 29. Seem forthcoming, LOOM; 30. Malt finisher?, OSE; 31. Hit Showtime show, DEXTER; 32. Nasdaq member?: Abbr., ASSOC; 34. An early Disney cartoon had one, REEL; 35. BBC World Service std., GMT; 36. Contact briefly electronically, PING; 39. Like throwbacks, RETRO; 41. You might strain to produce them, PUREES; 43.Chief Chono Ca Pe, OTO; 46. Harmonica piece, REED; 47. Part of a funeral procession, ESCORT; 48. Use a two-digit confirmation code?, PINKY SWEAR; 51. Neighbor resort of Snowbird, ALTA; 51. Undergo induction, ENLIST; 53. Silver Buffalo Award org., BSA; 55. “OR I shall live you epitaph to make”: Shak.; 56. Type of white wine, RHINE; 57. One may soak a competitor, SQUIRT GUN; 60. “Panic 911” airer, A AND E; 61. Tables or shelves, PUTS ASIDE; 62. Position, STEAD; 63. Zippy, FAST PACED.

Down — 1. Was hoarse, CROAKED; 2. It can be a headache, HANGOVER; 3. Preoccupation, IDÉE FIXE; 4. “Profiles in Leadership” publisher, briefly, CIA; 5. KONY 2012” (viral video); 6. Completer of a career Grand Slam in 2009, FEDERER; 7. Snake River Plain locale, IDAHO; 8. Much-used epithet n hip-hop, LIL; 9. P.R. setting, ATL; 10. Prime piece, MAGNUM OPUS; 11. Jones, YEARN; 12. Duke of Illyria, in Shakespeare, ORSINO; 13. Final sign, PISCES; 14. Kid-lit character with a long face, in more ways than one, EEYORE; 21. Libido, EROS; 23. National leader?, INTER; 25. Stylish, A LA MODE; 26. “DOST not thou fear God …”: Luke 23:4; 28. Ingredient in many salad dressings, CELERY SEED; 33. Near, CIRCA; 35. Opposite of contracted, GREW; 37. Linguistically adventurous, NEOLOGIC; 38. “Most seeming-virtuous queen,” in Shakespeare, GERTRUDE; 40. Try, TEST; 41. Go on, PERSIST; 42. Like some teeth and glass, STAINED; 43. Leitmotif settings, OPERAS; 44. Stereotypical wear for the paranoid, TIN HAT; 45. Connected, ONLINE; 49. “Ish”, KINDA; 50. Meets, ABUTS; 54. Give A RAP (have any interest); 57. Burn prevention stat, SPF; 58. As, QUA; 59. Grp. With rules about carrying on?, TSA.


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