09.27.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Joan Rivers


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Puzzle by Martin Ashwood-Smith and George Barany
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Start of a weird infraction?, I BEFORE E; 9. Sushi offering, FLUKE; 14. First Indian tribe to sign a treaty with the U.S. government, DELAWARE; 15. Hand in hand, JOINED; 16. Eskimo wear, SEAL SKIN; 17. Hike, e.g., OUTING; 18. Mideast pops?, ABBA; 19. Smoke without fire?, E-CIGARETTE; 21. Naval petty off., YEO; 22. What was once cool?, KEEN; 23. Gray figures?, REBS; 27. One-man Broadway hit of 1989, TRU; 29. Only one U. S. prez has had one, MBA; 32. Straight talker’s slangy phrase, I CALL ‘EM AS I SEE ‘EM; 37. Country standard, NATIONAL AVERAGE; 38. Words from a good buddy, BREAKER ONE NINER; 39. On the side, ON ONE’S SPARE TIME; 40. X or Y preceder, GEN; 41. Site of class struggles?: Abr., SCH; 42. Floor, STUN; 43. One N.B.A. All-Star Game team, EAST; 46. One telling you to where to get off, for short?, GPS; 49. High ranking?, TOP TEN LIST; 55. Introductory ballet instruction, PLIE; 56. Whence the word “alcohol”, ARABIC; 57. Listen here!, EARPIECE; 59. Words of support from an organization, WE CARE; 60. Reacts to, as a nagging request, GROANS AT; 61. Game keeper?, SNARE; 62. Tiramisu ingredient, ESPRESSO.

Down — 1. Guesstimate opening, I’D SAY; 2. Deep-sea explorer William BEEBE; 3. Explain, ELABORATE ON; 4. Beginning of a seasonal refrain, FA LA; 5. Hurtful outbursts?, OWS; 6. Playboy, RAKE; 7. Shortstop ERICK Aybar who was a 2011 Gold Glove winner; 8. Start of an elimination, EENIE; 9. Time that little Susie is woken n the 1957 hit “Wake Up Little Susie”, FOUR; 10. Lo-cal, LITE; 11. Military group, UNIT; 12. Canterbury’s home, KENT; 13. Beat by a whisker, EDGE; 15. Who said “I have a wonderful psychiatrist that  see maybe once a year, because I don’t need it.  It all comes out onstage”, JOAN RIVERS; 20. Easily passes, GETS AN A; 24. Name in 2000 headlines, ELIAN; 25. Mates, BLOKES; 26. Old age, SENESCENCE; 28. Early online forum, USENET; 29. Inane, MEANINGLESS; 30. Spangle, say, BEGEM; 31. “A MERE trifle!”; 32. Having much at stake, IN BIG; 33. CARNE asada; 34. Parade V.I.P., MARSHAL; 35. Cockeyed, ALOP; 36. Song that ends “O dolcezze perdute! O speranze d’amor, d’amor, d’amor!”, ERI TU; 44. Challenge for defenders, SIEGE; 45. Bygone royalty, TSARS; 47. Measures of one’s writing?, PICAS; 48. Mind, SEE TO; 49. Shooters, TAWS; 50. Israel conductor Daniel OREN; 51. Rain forest rodent, PACA; 52. Aid in an uphill climb, T-BAR; 53. Country name pronounced by natives in two syllables, EIRE; 54. Atlantic City resort, informally, with “the”, TROP; 55. Common cleaning scent, PINE; 58. Hole number, PAR.


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