09.02.14 — College Expenses

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Puzzle by Ethan Cooper / Edited by Will Shortz

COLLEGE EXPENSES (54A. What tuition and the starts of 17-, 22-, 37-(?) and 47-Across are), TEXT, ROOM, BEER and BOARD constitute the interrelated group of this cool back-to-school Tuesday crossword:

TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE (17A. Perfect illustration)
ROOM TO IMPROVE (22A. Unfulfilled potential)
BEER NUT (37A. Pub tidbit)
BOARD MEETINGS (47A. Gatherings in which C.E.O.’s are chosen)

Other — BINDLE (37D. Hobo’s accessory), COEDS (64A. Female students, condescendingly), HETERO (45D. Not homo-), HUSTON (45A. John who directed “The Maltese Falcon”), INGENUE (43D. Naïve young woman), MELONS (35A. Honeydews, e.g.), MIXER (3D. First-week-of-school social event), NUMERAL (10D. What’s required in some passwords), ODIE  (14A. Dog bullied by Garfield), RASTA (15A. Snoop Dog, for one, since 2012), STEWIE (8D. “Family Guy” baby), VENOM (27D. Snake poison).


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