09.11.14 — Heart Problems


Thursday, September 11, 2014

“Change of Heart” Puzzle by Patrick Blindauer
Edited by Will Shortz

A note (in part) accompanies this puzzle:  “The title is key to solving the puzzle…”

Perhaps the most inane crossword ever published in The New York Times or almost any other publication, this puzzle is initially unintelligible and ultimately a ponderous waste of time.

In short, the down answers match the down clues while the across answers do not unless the central letter (the heart of the word or phrase) of the across answers is changed, e.g., TAKES PART (17A. Dismantle) instead of TAKE APART; FIRE WATER (66A. Sideshow performer) for FIRE EATER, etc.  

The only real “change of HEART” is the anagram EARTH at 26-Down, clued as “Planet of the Apes” planet (spoiler alert!) superseded by the note heading the crossword.

Enough said…


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Flaming Curmudgeon said...

OMG. I couldn't figure this one out even after getting half of if filled in? I give up. I agree this is a dumb one.

Bo said...

I have done the NYT crossword puzzle every day for 40+ years and I complete it daily. I despised this puzzle. Beyond any shadow of a doubt the worst I've ever seen.