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Monday, September 8, 2014

Puzzle by David Stenholm / Edited by Will Shortz

THE BIG FIVE-OH (53A. Milestone birthday, informally … with a hint to 20-, 31- and 41-Across) and three answers containing five letter O’s constitutes the interrelated group of this Monday crossword:

BOOK OF MORMON (20A. 2011 Tony-winning religious satire, with “The”)
DOOR-TO-DOOR (31A. Hyperlocal way to campaign)
VOODOO DOLL (41A. Black magic item)

Other — AREA CODES (18A. Long-distance callers’ necessities), GARBO (59A. Actress Greta who famously said “I want to be alone”), HOOLIGAN (39D. Rowdy soccer fan, for one), OBAMA (6D. First president born outside the continental U.S.), OH BOY 3D. “Goody!), OOO (35D. Tic-tac-toe winner), SLAMMER (9D. Jail, slangily), SORORITY (5D. Campus sisterhood), VETERAN (41D. Purple Heart recipient, e.g.), WAHOO (14A. “Yippee!“), WHITE RICE (56A. Uncle Ben‘s offering).


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