09.12.14 — The Friday Crossword

Freddie Mercury of Queen at Teatro Genius of Viterbo


Friday, September 12, 2014

Puzzle by Michael Wiesenberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Queen’s music, STADIUM ROCK; 12. Film developer?: Abbr., DIR; 15. “Hasta la vista!”, I‘M OUTTA HERE; 16. Musician with the 2012 album “Lux”, ENO; 17. Allows someone to talk, say, TAKES THE RAP; 18. Big gun on a ship: Abbr., ADM; 19. Oxford, e.g., to its students, UNI; 20. Michael CERA of “Juno”; 21. Oxide used in picture tubes, YTTRIA; 23. “A person who talks when you wish him to listen,” per Ambrose Bierce, BORE; 24. Lead, GO FIRST; 25. Shots, PHOTOS; 28. Coddle, e.g., BE NICE TO; 29. Shack, HOVEL; 30. Artistic friend of Zola, MANET; 31. Sharpshooter’s skill, AIM; 32. Poet Wilfred OWEN; 33. Out of gear?, NAKED; 34. EDNA Buchanan in a bookstore; 35. Word of logic, NOR; 36. Moving day multitude, BOXES; 37. Governor or senator follower, ELECT; 38. Caught in a web, ENSNARED; 40. Certain book, sizewise, QUART; 41. Makes out, DETECTS; 42. Secure neatly, as an umbrella, FURL; 43. Pioneer in the Nevada gaming industry, HARRAH; 44. One of its categories is Agency of the Year, CLIO; 45. With 46-Down, two-in-one movie players, DVD; 48. It’s often an oxide, ORE; 49. Something avoided in a factory outlet, RETAIL PRICE; 52. Washington and McKinley: Abbr., MTS; 53. Commute, in a way, DRIVE TO WORK; 54. Replies of confusion, EHS; 55. Stick here and there, INTERSPERSE.

Down — 1. Archaeologists often find what they’re looking for in this, SITU; 2. Counterfeiter fighter, informally, T-MAN; 3. Isao AOKI of golf; 4. At full term, DUE; 5. “No worries”, IT’S COOL; 6. Comes out with, UTTERS; 7. Skiing twins’ surname, MAHRE; 8. Sister of Phoebe, in myth, RHEA; 9. “Or softly lightens O’ER her face”: Byron; 10. Like many kids’ self-made greeting cards, CRAYONED; 11. Didn’t let oneself go, say, KEPT FIT; 12. Lead-in to some written advice, DEAR READER; 13. Blurred, INDISTINCT; 14. Option for a marinara base, ROMA TOMATO; 22. Not too big a jerk, TIC; 23. Old bomber, B-TEN; 24. A lot of what makes you you, GENES; 25. Checked in with loved ones, say, PHONED HOME; 26. Exclamation that might be punctuated “??!?”, HOW ON EARTH; 27. Put too much weight on, OVER-STRESS; 28. Like some potato chips, BAKED; 30. Ceilings, MAXES; 33. From the Union, NORTHERN; 34. Hebrew for “to the skies”, EL AL; 36. Rival of Captain Morgan, BACARDI; 37. Abba’s music, EUROPOP; 39. NER Tamid (ever-burning synagogue lamp); 40. Thick spreads, QUILTS; 42. Ace on a base, FLIER; 44. Give up, CAVE; 45. One of its fragrances is Poison, DIOR; 46. See 45-Across, VCRS; 47. Rink fooler, DEKE; 50. Small warbler, TIT; 51. Inits. Of Thoreau’s mentor, RWE.


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geoff said...

It's ABBA not Abba. Probably printer error.