09.19.14 — Boop


Friday, September 19, 2014

Puzzle by Finn Vigeland / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Self-praise couched in self-deprecation, in modern lingo, HUMBLEBRAG; 11. Story lines, ARCS; 15. Wanting, INADEQUATE; 16. What marketers might follow, TELE; 17. 2013 Golden Globe winner for “Girls”, LENA DUNHAM; 18. Colony in ancient Magna Graecia, ELEA; 19. “Downton Abbey” title, LADY; 20. Four-star figs., ADMS; 21. Risotto relative, PILAF; 22. Refrain syllable, TRA; 23. Going green?, ILL; 24. South American cowboy, LLANERO; 26. Animal that may swim on its back, OTTER; 28. It’s often checked on a cell, E-MAIL; 30. NEO-soul (style of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill; 31. Talent scout’s find, informally, PHENOM; 33. Public, ON RECORD; 35. Beginning of a process of elimination, ONE POTATO; 37. One who gets numbers by calling numbers, POLLSTER; 40. Bathes, STEEPS; 44. Coach ARA Parseghian; 45. 44-Across’s “Fighting” team, IRISH; 47. Between, to Balzac, ENTRE; 48. One living in urban poverty, SLUMDOG; 50. Baby docs, OBS; 52. VOX pop; 53. Contemporary and compatriot of Debussy, SATIE; 54. You may drop a big one, NAME; 56. Toon toned down for the 1930s Hays Code, BOOP; 57. Resort options, INNS; 58. A nerd may not have one, SOCIAL LIFE; 60. Some tributes, ODES; 61. Alcopop relative, WINE COOLER; 62. Christie novel title that, without spaces, is a man’s name, N OR M; 63. New lease on life, FRESH START.

Down — 1. There’s no place to go but down from here, HILLTOP; 2. Make public, UNEARTH; 3. Obamacare obligation, MANDATE; 4. Fourth of July, for Calvin Coolidge, informally, B’DAY; 5. Was up, LED; 6. Level, EQUAL; 7. Unit of energy?, BUNDLE; 8. First name in Chicago politics, RAHM; 9. Not level, AT A SLANT; 10. Peach, GEM; 11. Eschewed takeout, say, ATE IN; 12. Stuffed chili pepper, RELLENO; 13. How you may feel after taking allergy medication, CLEARER; 14. Shore dinner, SEAFOOD; 21. Spots where artists mix?, PALETTES; 23. Nickname for Oliver Cromwell, IRONSIDE; 25. Turkish dough, LIRAS; 27. Unstable compound, ENOL; 29. Ties up in a slip, MOORS; 32. METRO desk (newsroom assignment); 34. Either director of “True Grit”, COEN; 36. Negligee, PEIGNOIR; 37. Fire, PASSION; 38. Sentinel’s place, ORLANDO; 39. Taylor LAUTNER of “Twilight”; 41. Chef de cuisine’s shout, ET VOILA; 42. Publishing house employee, PROOFER; 43. Dr. Ruth, for one, SEXPERT; 46. Bros, HOMIES; 49. “Divine” showbiz persona, MISS M; 51. Bad place for a whale, BEACH; 55. Spots annoying teens, ACNE; 56. Stain, BLOT; 58. Match.com abbr., SWF; 59. LOS Lonely Boys (2004 Grammy winners).


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