09.13.14 — Bad Girl

Eris — Golden apple of discord by Jakob Jordaens, 1633


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Pro, ADEPT; 6. Paper job, COLUMNIST; 15. Words repeated after “I shall no more,” in “The Tempest”, TO SEA; 16. Say, PRONOUNCE; 17. When bars close in Boston, TWO AM; 18. TV screen format, LETTERBOX; 19. Subject of a standing order?, ANTHEM; 21. INSERT COIN; 22. Super-corny, CHEESEBALL; 26. Pair, ITEM; 27. Font menu choice, KERN; 28. It’s between -1 and +1, SINE; 29. Bag, SNARE; 30. Source of conflict, in antiquity, ERIS; 31. Film, e.g., COATING; 33. 12/; DEC; 34. Biker chick, perhaps, BAD GIRL; 35. Dude, CAT; 38. Invention that prompted NBC to adopt the peacock logo, COLOR TV; 39. CHIA seeds, ingredients in some health drinks; 40. “Gotcha,” in old lingo, I’M HIP; 43. Star followers, MAGI; 44. Something that’s fallen off a shelf?, BERG; 45. What an article may refer to, NOUN; 46. Herb used in Thai food, LEMONGRASS; 48. Fair, COMELY; 50. Italian after-dinner drink, GRAPPA; 51. Party to a tryst, INAMORATA; 55. Toy company that introduced Rubik’s Cube, IDEAL; 56. Like bulldogs, TENACIOUS; 57. Finely prepare, MINCE; 58. Something on either side of a bridge, EYE SOCKET; 59. One advised to take two tablets, MOSES.

Down — 1. Beset, ATTACKED; 2. Call from the cellar, DOWN HERE; 3. Like most philosophy dissertations, ESOTERIC; 4. Ones involved in an elaborate courtship, PEA HENS; 5. Breaks, TAMES; 6. Radar’s rank on “M*A*S*H”: Abbr., CPL; 7. Bank deposit?, ORE; 8. Universal area, LOT; 9. Through, UNTIL; 10. Kitchen brand, MOEN; 11. Like many new mothers, NURSING; 12. Still being tested, IN BETA; 13. One running home, maybe, SCORER; 14. Modern-day “Let’s stay in touch”, TEXT ME; 20. Agave product, MESCAL; 23. Montreal eco-tourist attraction, BIODOME; 24. Anemone, to name one, ANAGRAM; 25. “Just relax, will you?!”, LET IT GO; 29. Chase scene producers, for short, SNL; 32. Classic storyteller who wrote under the pseudonym Knickerbocker, IRVING; 34. Punch, BOP; 35. Depreciates, CHEAPENS; 36. Valuable commodity in New York City, AIR SPACE; 37. What some homemade signs announce, TAG SALES; 38. Anchors of some malls, CINEMAS; 39. Box in a cab, CB RADIO; 40. Spark, INCITE; 41. Comedian Paul MOONEY; 42. Kind, HUMANE; 46. Words that are rarely spoken, LYRICS; 47. Teller of many tales, GRIMM; 49. Unscrewed, LOCO; 52. [Thumbs up], A-OK; 53. End of many a long race: Abbr., TUE; 54. P.E.I. setting, AST.


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