09.04.14 — Lids


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Puzzle by Samuel A. Donaldson / Edited by Will Shortz

FLIP ONE’S LID (61A. Go crazy … or a hint on how to enter five answers in this puzzle), along with DEERSTALKER, HELMET, SOMBRERO, YARMULKE and FEDORA spelled in reverse, constitutes the main feature of this Thursday crossword:

REKLATSREED (17A. Sherlock Holmes accessory)
TEMLEH (28A. Biker gear)
ORERBMOS (31A. Siesta shader)
EKLUMRAY (47A. Orthodox trademark)
ARODEF (49A. Sinatra cover)

Other — ATOMS (51D. Small parts), DAYBOOK (38A. Appointment holder), ERICK Aybar; FAR REMOVED (11D. Very distant), GINO Vannelli; GLAD and ODOR (57D. Big name in trash; 59D. Something found in the trash?), KARI Byron, MISFIT (48D. Outcast, often), MIXOLOGIST (30D. Bartender), NORA Dunn formerly of “S.N.L.“, PRESS ROOM (8D. Briefing site), TORSO (15A. Many a museum marble), TYRANNIES (35D. Oppressive regimes), “UP UP and away!”.


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